prophetic sense

the human being has 5 senses. but there is a secret sense, some say its the 6th sense, science says its synesthesia or optogenetics, society says its metaphysics, the ministry says its prophetic. but whatever it is i firmly believe that we are not just individuals here on this earth, that we are all connected spiritually as one big network.

over the years, ive been learning how to use this type of sensing method, i was taught by several people. although not to say that i am a master, i am still a student learning about this down the road, interesting stuff.

there are many different types of abilities, it almost feels like this is some kind of superhero power.
in such examples like:
-the ability to see colors within the atmosphere.
-or seeing what color their aura is
-or the ability to feel the mood of what that person is feeling like at a far distance of 100miles – 20 feet.
-or the ability to know who that person is by looking into their eyes to see their soul, as the eyes are our windows to our soul.
-or the ability to comprehend the zion language (also known as speaking in tongue) from others speaking it. (

-the gift of prayer.
-the gift of healing. (for example: Todd White)
-dream interpreters.
-the gift of prophetic music (for example: Kim Walker)

i used to want to have the ability to fly, or be invisible, or read people’s minds. but now i have learned that these abilities can actually happen through prophetic.
although we may not be physically flying, but through Jesus it makes me feel as if i am flying on a supernatural high. i may not become physically invisible, but i have noticed that if you become a quiet wallflower, you become invisible to people. and reading people’s minds is based on feeling and nonverbal communication.

there are several schools in prophetic ministry, that i hope to enroll in the future, such as bethel & ihop, that really discuss more about this in depth.

but what i have learned about these spiritual gifts is that, we should never take advantage of them with our own self pride application. i have caught myself many many times doing this. trying to read people’s souls through their eyes, and then my pride comes into play, where psychoanalysis falls into context and this is where i have caught myself passing judgement on others. and then i become arrogant thinking as if i am better than others just as the same pride of a secular psychologist.

so i really think, that you should not use these gifts for your own understanding, but use them in the intent to purely help people without any self glorification ulterior motive.
it is very hard to do bc the world still fuels our pride to feel self significance.

i struggle with this everyday. and i am pretty sure everyone struggles with the same thing i am going through, some may be greater than others, some may be very conceited or cocky or arrogant/prideful, some are even selfish. but i think its all the same, sure it may appear that one could have greater weight than other sins, but i dont know, i think it’s all the same right? i dont know anymore, as i am still a little confused.

furthermore, i know that people read my posts on facebook. and only those who are willing to speak about it talk to me in person about it. i know i get judged through my facebook posts. i know people talk about me behind their backs and hush up when i am around. but i am not mad at all, i am just deeply saddened, but i am trying real hard to look past that. i have taken a long observation at my facebook posts in the past, almost all of them are heresy and pointing fingers at people. i thought about this for a very long time, i am the biggest hypocrite. i do not want to point fingers at people anymore, if anything i would rather have people point fingers at me more. easier said than done, i know. although i realize this is a good mental exericse for me to become a better lover for all my brothers and sisters. it will help me shut down my pride and try to focus ultimately on being humble. its a hard battle i am facing, so please help pray for me that i become submissive to humility. i have been a justice person for my entire life, i have a snarky spunk attitude of a rebel. if i see wrong, i speak my mind, but its not doing any good if its only fueled by my self pride, its only destroying my mentality into arrogance. please pray for me everyone. because really in order for me to love others genuinely and sincerely without looking for any self benefit, i need to become humble.



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