applies to:
social butterfly, how to get a girlfriend, getting a job, class president, group leader, popular guy, to get out of depression, how to be outgoing guy, bboy.

1. x+y=z
space + time = rhythm.
find/study/know your own space (aura/persona), & time (how you deliver your intelligence).
now find rhythm.

everyone has rhythm. its just that its different than each other.
i’d say the best rhythm that keeps you feelin good emotionally positively, is hip hop.
learn how to dance to funk (james brown/ michael jackson).
learn how to play basketball, handles are the best way to play with rhythm.
play a musical instrument, pick up a pair of acoustic drums (bongos), best way to find rhythm in combination of social interaction and communication. understand vibe.

by finding rhythm, it will apply to your own body language. you will learn how to walk, approach, and stance will not be stiff. calm.
rhythm creates balance within your life.
rhythm creates swag.
swag leads to style, steez.
steez delivers passion in ambition motivation pursue objective mission vision.

2. be healthy.
keep mind, physical, spirit, emotions, environment, and social healthy.
go to the gym, study to train the brain, have a sense of humor, socialize, take care of mother earth, focus on God, meditate.

3. know the principals: respect, etiquette, ethics, foundation (virtues/morals).
these attributes create character. character = class.

after you have achieved these first 3.
now the next 3 is the main mechanics for system qualification.

the world wants the 3 elements in a person.
the 3 elements:
1. power (status)
2. respect/approval/attention
3. social proof.

if you are charismatic, have class. then you will already have power.
3 (social proof) + 2 (respect) = 1 (power).
1 (power) + 2 (respect) = 3 (social proof).
1 + 3 = 2.
doesnt matter how you go by it.
it all will define the same answer.


this applies within everything in the system of society.
system = society’s standards.
if you wanna be famous, this applies, you win.
by having all these 3 factors, you can get away with aLOT of things.
like police letting you go, failing grades in school turned into A’s, etc.
because the world attracted to personality.
personality is the 3 ingredients.

best example: michael jackson.

best way to not fail from 3.
just live. focus on what you enjoy and what makes you happy.
nothing else matters except what you love to do and the people around you who supports you.


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