Money doesn’t matter. Money only produces more of you. But to do a career driven to make money: MISERABLE. What if MONEY DID NOT EXIST? What is it that you want to do?

Well guess what. People say that money will bring security. Of course. But why on earth would you sacrifice your passion over a career to make money? In the end you will die.

There’s a quote by Dalai Lama.
“Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.”

That’s true. Because the people who are so preoccupied/focused on the future to achieve their goals, is not living in the present. Those people are on a self drive to get that money. They are forgetting about what they enjoy, which is why they approach people negatively and treat them with disrespect which in turn disrespects yourself as a person, because YOU LACK CHARACTER.

That’s why I’d like to emphasize how society tries to brainwash you to think only about money to think only about what you think will make you happy. Because you let the things around you affect you too easily. I already know that this is a harsh world, but this world is only harsh IF you let it get to you.

That’s why its so important to not take life seriously. It’s a VIDEO GAME. BE SUPER MARIO.

That’s why kids are the strongest people in the world. they’re the happiest people in the world because they don’t stress about that shit at all. Its just when you grow up, then society nitpicks at you, that distorts your mentality. Look at your children, they are an inspiration to life.

People say you need money to get married. NO. people say that you need to be financially set in order to get the girl. NO. that’s not it at all. To get the girl, you need game. BUT to get married, you don’t need a single DIME, all you need is the ability.
People got it really confused.
And you know what creates the ability? Its driven by the passion in what you believe in and what you want to pursue in achieving your vision turn into reality.

Because after meeting several couples, the girls married these gents, but none of the guys were rich, hek they were DIRT POOR. But the girl WANTED to marry them out of CHOICE, because its not of money, it’s the ABILITY.

And the women see the man’s ability, it shows through how passionate they are about what they wanna pursue. And she believes in him as he already believes in himself. Therefore women will marry you.

I know this friend, who has everything in the world, a house, nice car, money, a government career. He’s pretty well off financially, and he tells me that to get a girl you need money. NOPE. Because ive known him for 3.5yrs and I still haven’t seen a single girl with him and he’s whining to me about how he cant find a girl. THAT’S JUST WHAT IM SAYING!!!!!

People got it all CONFUSED, because they’ve been brainwashed by what media portrays into society. JAYZ didn’t get BEYONCE cause he’s wealthy/powerful. He got her, because he got game. And game is just basically BE YOURSELF WITH RESPECT. That’s all it is. Treat people with respect and at the same time be your funny goofy dumb stupid and cool self. That’s all!!!! but because they don’t know JAYZ, they only see him from what he does and exterior front, and think that it is his material and money that made him achieve things. NOPE. It’s the ABILITY.  People need to stop thinking that it’s not what you do that defines who you are. it’s the who you are that does. I don’t know JAYZ like that, but I can see who he is, by looking at the man behind those eyes. Like they say, eyes are the windows to the soul. Well I can see who he is thru his eyes.  He’s just another regular gent, just famous cuz he never stopped believing in himself.

Fact is. Money will come, if you just keep CONSISTENTLY and CONTRIBUTING 100% EFFORT into what you love to do, do it to the extremely fullest.
Look at the big names in the game, EMINEM, BINARY STAR, THE ROOTS, MATT BOMER, BRAD PITT. Everyone made it, because they NEVER gave UP. No matter how hard it was. They kept at it because they BELIEVED.

is it because they got lucky? Yea that could be true, but I honestly believe opportunities will always come, if you keep doing you.

Like for example. BINARY STAR. Straight out of prison, became famous after deciding to create their OWN IN HOME RECORDING STUDIO out of their basement, produced an album, shoot the ish out and put it in a bunch of records, then people bought it, listened, uploaded napster, boom. Rest is history.

DOMKEY LOZ. look at this kid. he actually MADE it! it is possible to make a living off of BBOY. i am proud for him.

Ive been living my life listening to people and thinking that money is important. but it aint at all! now that i realize.
anyways heres thing. It is possible to make it, you just gotta commit to it.

So what I am saying now. Money doesn’t matter period.
PASSION does. Do what you love to do, go to work everyday to do what you wanna do and love to do. That is the happiest life you could ever imagine.

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