You wanna find out the answers to everything. I completely understand. You want to challenge the word & God. You are full of questions, because you seek the answers to find the knowledge.

Yes that is good to studying more to stay motivated.
But I also realize the answers do not really mean anything, it’s just knowledge. The greater connection is the connection between you and God. 
Wouldn’t you rather have God’s love over the answers? Pick one.
God’s love vs Answers.

Intelligence doesn’t mean anything. Being smarter than the other person doesn’t mean jack. In fact, what I have realized is that everyone is smart. There is no such thing as a dumb person, it’s just we choose to make dumb decisions, that doesn’t mean we are dumb as a whole.

Everyone has the capability to be smart, it just takes a lot of quiet time and effort. But the point is, it is pointless to show people you’re smart, it’s all self-glory out of insecurity.

Let us just focus on Him alone, with absence-minded knowledge. 
As if Adam & Eve once was, did not have a lick of knowledge, but only the connection with God. That’s what it all mattered.



It’s not about the performance, its about the connection to you and God.

We need to stay connected all the time, not get a rejuvenation every Sunday. We need to rise, no compromise. It was never compromise, we need to pursue Jesus 100%. COMMIT! He gave us all, provided us with all more than we could ask for. Yet we compromise as Christians. We even say that we are Christian, yet we continue to judge and stuff. Aren’t you just tired of half-assing it? Living for the world is meaningless, it’s all self-glory. Live for God. 

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