For a long long long time as a Christian, I have been wondering what the evidence is as to how God exists? Telling people of an abstract idea that is not a concrete concept cannot put logical sense into non-believer’s heads like that, unless they’ve experienced the spiritual encounter. But spreading evangelism is hard, because of lack of concrete evidence. Until i re-discovered the science behind as to how God exists. One thing that SCIENCE cannot prove….and this is LOVE!

  Although Love is an Abstract noun. because it is a feeling. 
BUT, the world is mass populated by one species that rules the world. And that is humans. And as humans, everyone individually CAN relate to one thing. and it is Love.

Whether we love a girl. or if we have love for our brother. or if we love our grandmother. we hate, because deep down we actually love our enemy. we suffer, because God’s love is suffering. so just because it is an Abstract idea, this noun is also concrete evidence as to how God exists because in Science terms: Love does not exist, its either Instinct or Choice. Cells multiply because its the genetic choice. Animals reproduce because its instinct and evolution of tribe. but the one living species that is able to feel love is human beings. 

humans are born to love. 
animals arent. but if animals are, that is because of the influence of humans. 
example: pet dogs. dogs show love for humans because of the influence of humans. in the wild, dogs dont run on love, they dont run on emotions, they run on instincts & for the betterment of their choice. 

God is the Abstract noun. Society runs on the abstract noun. Yet Jesus Christ is the emphasis on the noun in physical concrete form. Amen. 
I am a Christian because I believe in a thing called Love.

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