prayer request

i dont really have a prayer request for myself, because im at the point where God has answered my questions. So i feel pretty satisfied and my heart eases with rest.

I guess right now, the only thing i can think of for praying is to pray for my dad and my sister.
My dad is an atheist, so its kind of made a huge influence on my sister’s mentality too. I’m trying to figure out a way how i can get them to come to church. Exhortation wasnt the way, thought that trying to be a better example would be the way, but i dont know now.
I just want them to experience the same relationship i have with Christ. This love is none like i had ever experienced, and i want them to feel that same kind of love and not depend on this worldly love anymore.

I care about my little sister alot, now graduated from college, I can tell she just wants to be loved seeing how insecure she is, always putting up a front like she’s the independent woman she can be, but really she’s still that scared little girl that followed me everywhere.

It would make me happy so very happy to have her just come to church, so that she may experience the kind of love i am talking about, that she may recieve it in the inside.
and same goes for my dad. i hope some day his guard will start to come down.
just help pray for me that i can try to figure out a way how to get them to come to church for once in their lifetime.

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