i look forward to the next time i am given words of wisdom.
it is so humbling to really see what i look like from the 3rd person point of view. 
at first i felt discouraged, and a turmoil of feeling misunderstood, but then i realize that is a selfish way of thinking. 
and i dont want to feel so easily offended or discouraged when people tell me their opinions of me. and it looks like a negative comment. but now i see that it is God trying to break me down to really open my eyes even wider. 
because i’ve been there before in the past, easily burning with the firey passion to know God, then given advice from people, then easily discouraged and it feels like a huge embarrassment for myself, and i dont even wanna show myself in public anymore.

but now i see, that this is the only way i can see how to improve myself through Christ. 
I know the things I do in my actions, and say the things I say on facebook, i will get judged by many many people, i even have a little feeling that people are talking about me behind my back. But now i am starting to understand that i cannot be so affected or sensitive to those one-dimensional attributes. 
So to the people who actually take me aside or at least puts me on the spot with their words. I THANK YOU. Now I see that you are the ones who have the courage to really tell me that, and you are just a vessel of God to break my pride into a new spirit. 

I encourage you my brothers and sisters to keep giving me your advice, because now i really see that you are only trying to help and not to bash on me. It definitely puts me in my place, to really shake my arrogance and foolishness. For this walk really means to change perception. Help me help myself. 

I appreciate it really, means alot to me.

Thank you again.

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