Daily Archives: February 4, 2013


i hate church.
haha i know i know, your probably thinking, “What? but your Christian!? How could you say that?”
Well, it’s like this…
check this.
church is like an establishment that emphasize principals and code of ethics as a religion.
church is religion basically.
what it’s doing is that its kind of not delivering the full definition of what true Christianity is about. Christianity is not religion, it’s having a DEEP relationship with Christ & God.
It’s a full encounter with the Holy Spirit, and the presence of Jesus.

but the way church is now, it’s become so much of a mechanical byproduct disarrayed from what God addresses, to have a relationship with Christ. Not so much the laws of bible, i mean sure yea the laws are important fundamentals, but it shouldnt circumference the entirety of the church nor Christianity.
church is like a robot. Christianity is what it means to be a real HUMAN.
every time i go to church, it is so weird. i feel very uncomfortable.
there is gender segregation everywhere. you have to be socially charismatic to be accepted?
where is the content of Jesus involved? there is no butter between the bread. just 2 slices of bread without the glue. the glue is Jesus.

i pray that some day in the future, church can get over this perception that it aint a high school of cliques or segregation to honor ethics and order of principals. but that it is deeper than that, that it is for the sake of humanity. that church is a FAMILY.
LOVE each other without judgment.
I wonder if it’s because of my own social skills? or is it because i just dont care?
because i

I hate that word “leaders”. I think it’s because its been miscued to what it actually means.
Leaders should be changed to “Shepherds”. because that’s what it means to really be a leader, to care for others so much that it’s almost as if it is your responsibility.
You are a shepherd for the flock of sheep.