people will judge or criticize. its just a human thing that happens. I mean sure you can address it to try and change it, but let us learn to just look past the exterior and look at them from the inside of embracing love. to not care about if they judge us, but to just approach with love. and if they keep hating or judging, so be it. just gonna keep on giving compliments, and love, and hugs. and if they talk trash behind backs, so be it. just keep on being a lover. be there for them, care for them. and if they keep judging, so be it. just do what the Lord Jesus asked you to do. to love thy neighbor.
its not as hard as you think…just learn to let go of that pride.

i encourage my brothers & sisters to stop caring about the small tidbits of a person’s actions. and just appreciate them as a whole. look into their soul, for the eyes are the windows to their soul, for they are just like you and me. we are all struggling through the same thing. the better thing we can do is just show appreciation and embrace them as a whole. stop nitpicking whats right or wrong. it really doesnt matter in the end, because whats more important is to show love. we’re all going to get old someday with our canes and wheelchairs….do we really want to die with unforgiving hate or unforgettable confrontations/discord?..wouldnt it be better to just appreciate the person next to you? yes these people are bitter with life, they measure each other up, etc. its because they lack love. Christ is love. but how do they learn to love thyself or love one another? that is only through people to show them love. so if a person doesnt show love to another, then how will that person meet Christ in the end? i didnt come to Christ by myself, i was fortunate enough to have people before me share the gospel with me, through those people, they chose to not judge me, and decided to embrace with love, and that is why its important to show love to people. that is the way through Christ. it is through people. 

because really there’s not enough care in the world. it’s our duty. we’re all brothers and sisters. we’re all children of God.

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