talent vs skill

talent – is something that you can come up with easily on the spot.
example: mcguyver
see how mcguyver takes a bunch of materials, and forms it into one gadget?
example 2: art
it takes talent to come up with three dimensional space and multi-faceted color of a vision.
if you have more talent, then skill doesnt even matter. talent surpasses skill.

Skill – is a dexterous or adept trade of craft you’ve developed over the years through methods of techniques and honed.
example: art
it takes skill to be able to draw a picture figuratively as exact as the one in real life.

most artists who have majored in art are skilled artists.
the artists who are art school drop outs are the talented artists.


Sports example.
Notice how there are 2 types of athletes.
Athlete A, they are good at the sport, but they approach it as logically, because in their practice it is a skill.
Athlete B, they are also good at the sport, but the movements come natural to them, because they are talented.

Athlete A’s are the ballers you see in your local courts.
Athlete B’s are the ballers you see on the NBA.

Athlete A: any of the sickest nextdoor neighbor ballers you know.
Athlete B: Lebron


so i guess what im trying to say is that.
What God given you as a gift, is your natural TALENT.

What you achieved through your years of living is your SKILL.


i guess for me, it just comes natural to me once i learned a few things.
i am very uncoordinated when it comes to physical sports. but if i learned a few techniques, i somehow become a natural the next following day. and i am also able to come up with 50+ ideas in less than 2min for any problem solving situation or improvement. i am also able to visually take a photograph and store it in memory to use for future paintings. God has gifted me with a visual talent.
Creative, Ideas, Visual, Vivid Dreams, Visions.
But the only thing i lack is skill. Skill takes focus, concentration, patience, and foundation. Foundation is Bible.
something I am trying to work on.


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