Before You Rebuke Me, Read this!

here’s my pre-handle advise for exhortation (to anyone who wants to rebuke as future reference):

if you want to rebuke me. please pray to God about it. please ask yourself:

is this what you want to tell me because of what i appear from the observation or self analysis on actions or pre-concieved judgments based on my past characteristic traits for accused intents?

or is it God that is telling you this to tell me, to act as only a vessel of His wisdom?

(please. i’ve been in many situations like this before where exhortation was based on self intent rather than hearing the voice of God to be His lips. so please really pray about it and meditate. do not rely solely on your own thinking of observations, research, psycho-analysis. but rely on His mind)

while in the mean time at home, i will also pray to God about being humble & open minded enough to receive the rebukes for the next time we meet.

For if it comes to any rebuking:
I would rather meet in person, face to face.
Please do not use internet, phone, skype, email, or facebook whatsoever in exhortation. Communication is key!
Tone of voice, attitude, etiquette, non-verbal communication, body language, facial expressions, signs, vibe, rhythm, feeling, emotion, and pace. I also need to register those facets too which plays a huge role in comprehension of communication between two individuals.

And if you really feel it in your heart that you want to resolve this matter by addressing the issue at your hand. It is better to be patient, slow to anger, and calm the spirit. Do not be so hasty and run on instincts.
It is better to slow the roll, wait a few days to resonate on what you want to say, and also on my account to receive what you want my ears to hear.
For if it is such a serious indignation then it can wait because the flame within will still keep burning more of when the day comes for rebuking to come.

I usually give ourselves a week, and then when the following day comes. I will meet you live in a private room.

it is only out of love my friend.
respect, honor, patience (the foundational virtues).

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