I do it out of his love intent not my image


i dont know who the person is who gave me a thumbs down rating on this video. but i will pray for you. alot of people think that because of my pursuit to Jesus walk, it’s a self intent to make my image good. but no, Yahweh says “not image, but of His love”.
and its discouraging many? (so many christians judge/rebuke me just because i want to go after His will for me) while only a 3% of people actually talk to me in person face to face/ long distant phone call to tell me to not worry about what others judge/think of your pursuit, that they’re being encouraged/inspired through me as only being a vessel/instrument of God. Misty Edwards said it best, do you wanna be a voice of God? or do you wanna just kinda blend in and follower? and thats only if the intent is truly for His love strictly-bound & He calls you in loving agony inside your heart. Then you must GO!

I have brought 3 friends back to follow Christ these last couple of months. And this is not to be boastful, but to emphasize on the fact. If its discouraging to just be myself and share, and then if i stop and just blend in with the crowd, how will i be able to affect the many lives of the world? how will they come to know Christ either? that contradicts the whole Great Commission as God intended. Sure I cant do everything, but i can start. 

the parable of throwing a starfish into the ocean. a million star fishes on the beach, a little girl threw a starfish one by one into the ocean, a man says you cant possibly try to save them all?!, but the little girl kept throwing each one by one, says, “well i made a difference to that one”. 

its truly a blessing to bring my secular best friends who i grew up with return back to God. but it would be an even more blessing if my own flesh and blood non-believer Dad would just come to Jesus for once. been praying about this for years. i hope something will happen soon. keep me in your prayers

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