Spirituality VS Religion

spiritual empowerment is all vanity.

but spiritual growth with the intent of His love.

i am an open minded person. i’ve studied all kinds of denominations and religions of all types: buddhism, mormonism, protestant christian, hinduism, rastafari, jehovah witness, judaism, islamic faith, aetheism, agnostic. so this is not to preach and shove crap down a person’s throat to convert or change/evangelise. but as a firm christian believer. i honestly think as biblically referenced, spiritual empowerment without any religion intent, is just really all vanity. to only bring self righteousness to a person’s own individuality, however it does at some point elevate and help a person’s own future or develop better life foundations philosophically. but in the long run at the end result objective goal, through the consecration of just pertaining to the sole focus on just one’s self spiritual empowerment without the religious intent is just complete arrogance to elevate self pride. not just my own opinion, but its a global religion reference not only from my own biblical faith, but as well as the other religious facets across the globe.

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