My Communication Ethic

Look peoples to the whole facebook world.

I strongly emphasize this approach when it comes to communication standards. It is the code of ethic I go by.

The internet, or text messages, facebook (private messages/ comments/ wall), or email, or skype (video conference/live stream/ video), phone, voicemail, and even postage mail. Should only be used when it’s carried within a “business” context.

And what I mean by the “business” approach. Any communication relevant to contribution efforts for community, work, business, logistics, professionalism, academics (school), and even discussion (forum).
To decipher the feel of the business approach, the objective has to solely be on the intent of the result goal production based from the establishment/field.

But if it comes to “Personal” communication. I highly advise to not use any of the aforementioned electronic and non-verbal sensory forms of communication such as (internet, phone, mail,  facebook, email, voicemail, video, etc.)

Why? Because Internet’s true intent was to communicate on objective means, (meaning getting straight to the point, which means it needs to leave out the emotional content). Now I’m not saying this to the extreme, but there have been MORE instances where it causes misunderstanding between two individuals of miscommunication, because Non-verbal communication, body language, facial expressions, signs, signals, vibe, feel, environment, social etiquette, tone, attitude, character, essence, and rhythm is all left out. These are the important factors needed in order to understand the tone of the communication.

Yes even for phone communication. UNLESS the intent is for Business objective, then by all means, have phone conferences.

And Why does this even matter to me?
Because I’m trying to respect and honor the friendship between each other.

So if you want to say something to me that has “Personal” context. Then please just let me know in 3 short sentences, like “Lets meet up to talk”.
Then I will reply to set a date to meet up in person face to face. To talk.

Please Please Please do not disrespect my ethic, by trying to send me a few more paragraph messages/emails, or even try to call me on the phone when I already emphasized my pre-cursor to communication ethics.
I will intentionally ignore all messages/emails/phone calls. Until we meet in person face to face live in a private room. And it’s not because I’m being stubborn, arrogant, or ignorant. My TRUE intent is to RESPECT and HONOR the friendship between us. 

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