encourager intent

People got the INTENT really MISUNDERSTOOD!

Do people really think that sharing my thoughts of my own relationship with God is only on the intent to gain self righteousness or to care what people think? and how it is unnecessary to do it, because it may discourage others? no man. now i am starting understand completely clearer perception! my eyes SEE the truth. the reason why people are discouraged, is because people dont know my true intent and jump to conclusions from the outside exteriority. 

I care because a true relationship through Christ, is not just alone, but through everyone too. its not that im trying to show off my praise for God in public, that’s not my intent, my intent is to ENCOURAGE everyone.. and to keep loving even more, to engage the spirit of not one person individually but to engage the spirit of family community ALL! a true relationship of Christ doesnt exist solely on one person alone, a true relationship is through the corporate movment of fellowship, thats why facebook has the opportunity to share what people want to say!
that’s the reason why its called a “fellowship” in the first place. dont get it misunderstood. to think that a person has an ulterior motive behind of clever logic scheme is not very good to think with that mentality or approach. if you really dont know my intent, instead of just thinking what you see from the outside appearance, why dont you just ask me in person face to face instead for my true intent?

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