hey everyone i am trying to raise some money to go to bible college. I am broke unemployed guy right now. So I’ve been trying to squeeze some change here and there. in whatever I can do, whether it be dancing in the streets with a bucket of money, or giving back massages to people, or freelance mural graffiti for restaurants, or graphic design freelance. If you guys can help me raise some money to go into International House of Prayer’s Fire in the Night 6 month internship bible college. I would be most greatly appreciated. 

Right now. I am going to sell all my belongings, such as Snowboard (mint condition), Car, my bboy shoes (mint condition), and bboy clothes, and bboy dvds/tapes, and my brazilian jiu jitsu uniform ki (mint condition), and brazilian jiu jitsu tutorial dvd, and bjj grappling dummy, and bboy vinyl floor 12 x 12 ft.
most of the items that are in mint condition, i mean it seriously. i just never got a chance to use them. 

if you are interested. hit me up:
or help make a donation. the school starts in April 3, 2012. I have an entire month to try to raise money to $4,200. please keep me in your prayers.


even if it’s just 1 cent or $1.00, i’m fine with that. i see love. or even if you send me a hug crossing arms over the computer monitor. its all love. just keep me in your prayers. thanks guys

by the way, i called this page “Cliff jumper”, because it was sourced from the inspiration of this song.

i have prayed long and hard for the past 4 months about this decision. and the Lord said, “come to me my child”. I heard the voice of God whisper that, i thought it was due to my imagination, so i kept praying harder and harder every single day and night. and i kept getting this same answer repetitively. so im taking a leap of faith and going. please pray for me.


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