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Lets share today:

So ive been discovering myself more of who I am through Christ day by day.

And the more I get to know myself through Christ, the more I become confident in who I am, because now realizing the power behind my abilities, gifts, and talents. He gave me these gifts for a purpose,  this is my calling.

To SERVE Him and make Him known!

A soldier in Christ. Preparing for battle.

It’s as if God led me and showed me my entire life, envisioning the entire timeline of my child hood to present.

And he showed me why I am the unique individual I am. And why am I so different amongst people, why do I think differently, why do I have different perceptions, why am I so multi talented/gifted, why do I find it so easy to approach people like its nothing and why do I not judge, why do I keep having you whisper to me all the time through out the day, why this and why that.

God showed me my calling in December, and it was confirmed in Jan through a prophetic pastor.

So now I knew my calling, but what I did not understand was why was I called when I never asked for it?

I know my purpose, but why the purpose?

then couple days ago, I met a prophetic evangelist, who gave me the confirmation I am His anointed. I still didn’t understand, until I started meditating about my gifts with God.

Wow. God showed me that I am not a prophet, but a forerunner messenger. That I am called to be a pastor, but more as an Evangelist.

He has awakened the desert lion of zion inside my spirit. The house consumed of zeal roars the desert lion.

Now after knowing all this. I have become even more super confident in who I am because I now know who I am. And it was inspired from Christ, wisdom given of God.

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