all glory to God

Glory be to God.


Everything makes sense with God in the picture.

Thank you Abba.

Now I understand and realize, that I am His anointed.

I have always been his Prince. A royal son of zion.


For a long time I have been wondering why does Yahweh hunt me down?

Even if I ran away from him?

Yahweh still chases me down like the bounty hunter of love.

But now things are crystal clear now.

I’ve been learning a lot about the prophetic gifts, supernatural, wonders, miracles, signs, and zion profiles.

Basically the zion profiles:

  1. Desert lions of zion (the radicals/ the john the Baptists of the wilderness)
  2. Evangelists
  3. Missionaries
  4. Prophets
  5. Pastors
  6. Forerunner Messengers (the propheticist)

Now see, I am a Forerunner Messenger, as two prophetic pastors have both told me so, and I didn’t understand why, but a later down the journey, I discovered why, and it made sense, I think I wrote something like this in another past entry, just find it, go read it.

Now as a forerunner, I was studying in depth of the prophetics.

As a prophetic person I am, My gifts range in prophetic arts.
I am a singer, ukulele player, rapper, spoken word poet, beatboxer, drummer, dancer, choreographer, videographer, actor, graffiti artist, illustrator, graphic designer, interior designer, product designer, apparel designer, culinary chef, and writer.

I am multi talented and I have always been. I never understood why I can pick up things so fast. I learn things fast and things come easy to me.
For example, if I wanted to learn the windmills but I had no experience in bboy, total noob. I would try to learn windmill, and I would get it in a 1hour span.

I never really understood why I learn things so fast, and not just in the arts, but even other things. I just comprehend everything fast.

For example biology, chemistry, math, science, physics, etc. I read fast, and register everything fast. Its as if I am the main star of the movie LIMITLESS.

Like I ate the pill, and boom, I can acquire fast.

Now im not saying this to be boastful. Just trying to support my topic with an example. I really don’t like talking about myself, cause It sounds pointless right?

Doesn’t really serve an agenda except the self.


But anyways back to topic. I learned that being an artist in general, u have to have some kind of talent.

Now there’s a difference between talent vs skill. Skill is something you learned. Talent is something you are born with.

For example, for the painter artist. It takes the perception and vision to create the image first, and to see the three dimensional colors. This objective needs talent.

But if the painter artist was told what to do, or if it is an architecture draft for a building.
then it takes skill, as the skematics should be honed trade craft, learned by education/proper instruction of logistical strategies.

As a talented artist. With the gift of perception. The gift of perception carries the prophetic gift, to be able to create fast and plenty frequent. Creativity galore.

For example, if your manager asked you to come up with 100 ideas for company revamp. Only the talented could be able to provide it on the spot in less than a day span.

The skilled would not. The skilled do not have the prophetic.

The talented is prophetic, because they have the lion spirit inside.

The skilled is not prophetic, because they do not have the lion bred inside, only mechanical, because they are skilled.


So I knew I was prophetic. But it didn’t hit me until today.
basically, ive been trying to learn the ukulele. I took it seriously for the past 4 days. And on the 4th day, as a total noob, wow. i managed to compose an original song, all playing by ear.

As I have the attention span of a squirrel due to adult adhd. And I cannot read sheet music, I have to play through improv/freestyle/jam. The chords and notes I know now, are through freestyle. Just placing my fingers on strings, experimenting pretty much.

After playing it on the 4th day, is when I realized it imperatively significantly that I am HIS anointed.

That now I know why I have a purpose. I found my calling 3 months ago, but now I am grateful to know why I have a calling.

It is through the forerunner arts.

God wants me to use the prophetic arts in Glory be to God radically, as an evangelist. To travel all over the world, hitchhike on foot, prosper the gospel, spread the word through Music.

Big shout outs to Evangelist Claude of God’s Children Movement organization.
(All Saints Church, Woodbridge, VA)
For he is a Desert Lion of Zion. You have been telling me I am his anointed, yet I did not really understand until today. Wow.

Now everything makes sense.

It is never about my image, but of GOD’s.
and that true intent is of LOVE.



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