bible progress

so some people have told me start reading at matthew.

i tried doing that, but nothing made sense to me. 

and now i understand why they wanted me to start from the new testament, is because they want me to understand the character of Jesus. 

but im too curious about the entire timeline how did it get to Jesus in the first place?

so im now at mark, i had to read matthew like 7 times over and over, to really understand what the hek the book is talking about. 

so forget reading mark. im going to genesis, and going to read from beginning to end. 

alot of people have been trying to tell me how to read a bible.

1. study the bible, context by context.
2. study the bible, analyzing the historical reference
3. meditating and prayer of scriptures. 
4. reading 10 chapters per day.
5. reading from new testament to revelation, then read old testament to revelation, then read it again 2 more times. 

But see im still a noob. 
So i think i just need to read the entire bible from beginning to end at least 2 times. 
and then lastly, meditate, prayer on the scripture verses.


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