love is the truth

Hmm Ive been thinking.

If Muslim is all about having a spiritual identity, then that is caring about the image, the appearance for the sanctification of the religion.

And in muslim there is God, but there is no connection to God but only through the consecration vow of traditional religious ethics. And in muslim, there is prophet Muhammad.

Whereas in Christianity, there is God, but to get to God, Jesus Christ is the intercessor to navigate you to meet God. Jesus Christ is not just a prophet for the religion, but more importantly he addresses LOVE. And what does love do? It makes the intent of the religion into RELATIONSHIP.

Now it all makes sense. Muslim is a religion because there is no prophet of LOVE. There is no relationship but only mechanical religion. For it is love that is the light to the truth. for if it be just religion, then it is only spiritual empowerment. And spiritual empowerment only leads to image, insecurity, self consciousness, recognition, self pride, knowledge and most importantly……its VANITY…all vain…doesn’t mean anything.

You cannot go to heaven by just doing good deeds. There needs to be Christ as the salvation.

Spiritual empowerment only recognizes self, the intent is only to feel better for self. The glory is not to God, but for self glorification. How vain is that. 

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