So Over the weekend, I decided to do an experiment to test my faith in my own Christian Walk.

After doing a 4 month consecration, just staying home a lot of the time to just study, meditate, know more about Jesus, commune with the spirit.

I needed to understand why this and that.


Through this experiment I learned a great deal of why sin is so bad for us in our walks with Jesus.

Especially alcohol consumption.

Now I don’t drink, neither am I an alcoholic. If I drank even half a beer, I would probably become drunk.

I learned that those things are not products of bad, but of the intent for self, in the over-usage of those things IS bad.

Because what it does, is that, it deviates the holy spirit within you, and it creates an open portal in your body, that is an open invitation for the demonic spirits to come hibernate into your body. For you are just a vessel, and when we have negative energy or pessimism or pride or arrogance, that is only conspirited by the demons who live inside us, trying to fuel our ego with arrogance and self pride.

Alcohol is like an intercessor to the gateway of other things. We are unaware of this because once drunk on alcohol, it creates a kind of arrogancy that clouds our vision, to think and see that every thing is okay. That we get so involved into the world that things are okay. That public orgies are okay, that its okay to rape or get raped, that’s it okay to cheat, that its okay to fight or beat a brother up, that its okay to do go ahead and do drugs, that its okay to have adulterated images of your sisters in Christ, its okay to get angry, its okay…

I decided to drink over the weekend as an experiment. I drank 1 beer, 1 soju shot, 1 red wine, 1 sake shot. I was gone. I became so intoxicated, I tried to sit on the floor and meditate about things. I started to become so aware of what was going on. I caught myself several times having a kind of arrogance trying to cloud my insight, and pride was almost consuming my mentality. I pulled out the nearest bible and started to read it just so that I wont lose focus on why I started this experiment in the first place.

Then greatly temptations grew out of nowhere. I wanted to go to the nearest bar. Anger rose out of me, I had thoughts of people who I loved that i wanted to beat down. I froze, and caught myself, asking myself what the hek is going on? I knew that was just a demon spirit trying to change me into that satanic act.

And this is what I call another kind of demon possession.

I am just going to put this out there. For I am not ashamed nor embarrassed anymore, Jesus is here with me.

So yes I admit, I saw pornography. But let me tell you this testament. I have never felt so disgusted watching that crap in my entire life. I think God was shaking the spirit inside me so radically that I just could not look at that anymore.

I had thoughts of the very own friends that I knew dearly, my sisters in Christ. How could I watch this disgusting video? I also had another prophetic dream of my own blood sister who went into the world naked in lustful intentions, I was so shocked, I tried to cover her up with clothes, and protect her. God was telling me that we as brothers cannot view that disgusting thing. Through the experiment, I learned that pornography is not only disgusting, but seriously that sh*t corrupts your MIND!

There are pornos nowadays where rape is the fetish, and all sorts of things I was just so disgusted I just wanted to throw up and get out of the house.

As I said, when we sin, its an open invitation for the demons, the demons hibernate in our vessel, creating arrogance, and addiction, and destruction of spirit into flesh.

I am pretty sure that Christian men, women, and children will be reading this entry. But I do not care, I am not afraid, because really we all go through this.


Yea, the weirdest thing over the weekend, was there were actual demons in my backyard hiding and just stalking me. I couldn’t see them, But I saw eyes and heard lots of voices and rustling. I tell them IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST BEGONE SATAN AND DEMONS! 3 times. They vanish.

I also had a craving to get into some drugs.


It’s Monday now. Man what a interesting experiment. Learned a whole lot.




This makes sense now to everything. This is why nova is lukewarm.
Have we forgotten who the king is?

We have! For it is you who are blind because of what the alcohol has done to your system, it has created so much arrogance within your vessel, that you are not able to see things with Truth anymore, and tempted to other acts, the gateway to arrogance.

Arrogance creates the gap in the relationship between you and Jesus.

No wonder why I am getting rebuked and judged left and right. Because the people who are sinning without any conviction, they are blind, for the arrogance hinders them to see the truth, in clearer perception, blinded by what the sin has done to them, it is only through repentance we are able to be given perception. For Christianity means truth perception, I see now! The true intent is love. They cannot begin to see the truth because they are filled with lies, blinding their eyes, and when someone who is living a true walk, they can only question and not trust and judge. Just like the story of Apostle Paul. He was such a radical for God, that the pastors just couldn’t understand and just did not trust so they judged and rebuked him.

I learned that if you were doing drugs, the only way to think clearly, is to quit for a year and consecrate. Only then will I be able to discuss with anyone. Because if you are to think clear, then you are also open minded, thus discussions can prosper.
(How do I know this? Go read my testimony. I too was a drug dealer, drug addict, alcoholic, fighter/ masochist runaway/ demon possessed angry violent troubled teen. I have a criminal record too. I know what these blind and lost people are going through, I know exactly what they are experiencing, its that PRIDE!!)

See, that’s what sinful acts do. it makes us close minded. Only to think that our own perception is the ONLY way. Nope!

This same rule applies to alcohol, or lust, or anger, etc.
It def takes about a year to really clean the mind and body.

And that’s what it means to rebuke. Rebuking by definition means to tell discernment of one’s own self disapproval.

They rebuke because its motivated by self. But not of HIS LIPS. The next time you decide to rebuke somebody, pray to God, and ask Him, do you want to give discernment because you disapprove of it? Or ask yourself, is this from Him instead?



This is why lately I have been feeling VERY LONELY.

Now it makes sense why. It’s because NOVA is lukewarm. I have this desert lion of zion FIREY spirit within me, every single day. I am radical. My mom says im overdoing it, my pops say I should go see a shrink. And I am getting rebuked, judged left and right.

No one in this area wants to take God seriously, why do they have 1 foot in the world, and 1 foot in Jesus? Why not have 2 feet devout to Jesus? Even pastors got the entire walk misunderstood/miskewed, it’s not about IMAGE, it was never about that. It’s about doing it in HIS INTENT!

Yes I am lonely, but I have only met a small percentage of those radicals as hungry as I am, but they are located afar away from nova.

Jesus is here with me, being lonely, only motivates me more to not give up, but to keep being the encourager I am to encourage everyone else that we need to TAKE GOD SERIOUS! 24/7 365

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