I found my calling in Dec 26, 2013.

I had a prophetic dream, which was confirmed by a pastor in prophetic words. No one knew that dream except between God & I. this totally affirmed it.

I never asked for a calling.

A little while later, I found what my purpose is, through meditation and prayer of the prophetic arts. I am called to be a Forerunner Messenger of the Arts.

And I am also called to become a pastor. But I never understood what kind of pastor? There’s all sorts of types of pastors.

I had a prophetic vision, that I was preaching the word through 5,000.

A little while later, I randomly met three evangelists.
They picked me out of the blue, claiming that I am an artist.
How did they know that I draw or paint? We did not knew each other.

From that moment on, we got to know each other better.

The head evangelist: Claude sent me prophetic words again, that I am God’s anointed prince.

I went home to meditate on that.

Now it makes sense.

That I am called to become a Street Evangelist as a Forerunner Messenger through the Prophetic Arts. Another John the Baptist, The Desert Lion of Zion, a Soldier of Christ, His anointed Prince.

And given the gift of perception and charisma, a pastor to become, to become an INTERCESSOR for His people.




I honestly do not want to be a pastor, but God wants me to. So I will obey. I just want to evangelize (selfishly speaking).

I began to have another prophetic vision after this confirmation:
That I am to start a street evangelist ministry in the prophetic arts (music, art, dance), and gather a group to go train in the wilderness as soldiers of Christ, and then go into the world, hitchhike and live as the homeless, to preach the gospel using the prophetic arts as the intercessions.


Then after this vision, I was given another perception insight.

Things have become so fabricated now.
Yes We should all be evangelists, we are called to be that, as it is said in the great commission.

But Why do they make evangelism as a spectacle event? Why is that evangelism is now more of an IMAGE status, rather than the true intent? Why is that evangelists only speak within the church but not on the streets? Why is it that churches want to do evangelism events as a annual thing as if we like to celebrate Christmas?

All this crap is just all vanity! Spiritual empowerment or spiritual mediation is holistic, but nothing of it without the true intent of Jesus is just only for self image?


Now here is the next thing, that puzzles me.

So i found my calling. And I now know what my purpose is. And what the reason behind the purpose.

But now what i want to know is WHY was i chosen?

there are almost a trillion people living on this earth, and 500 billion christians in the world.

Why was i chosen? why did He give me these gifts? why am i able to see with His wisdom? 

And yes i know its because He loves me. But WHY does he love me so?? I dont get it right now. 

im confuzzled.

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