Children should rule the world

I believe Children should be the ones ruling the world.

Look at these:

I see negative comments from youtubers, saying that “parents probably forced their children into that, bad parents”. I do not know what to think, because that’s exactly what happened to Marjoe Gortner

And look how he turned out into:

But aside from that expungency. I believe these children were not forced by their parents, but the holy spirit has awakened their souls deep inside to become the intercessors of truth. the desert lions of zion. The john the Baptists of the wilderness. The roar of the lion hidden in lamb’s clothing.

Why do they say to be a child of God? Because when you think about it, children have one thing that adults forget about. That kindred spirit of heart and soul. The mind, flesh doesn’t matter really. The Heart, spirit, and soul are really the captivators of constructs of truth. the flesh and mind are only constructs trying to understand it more in a theological depth, but really when it all comes down to it in the end, it’s the heart/spirit/soul that really matters. And children have that, because they know what it means to be real of sincere intent. They have that genuinity. We as adults, young adults, teens, elders all forget about that, because of how the world changed our hearts and to think more on the mind reliability.

But really to know Jesus/Holy Spirit/ God more, is through the sincerity. And that my friends, is to be like the children of God.

That is why I firmly believe we need to stop trying to have these children’s ministries, and instead adopt or create the CHILDREN EQUIPPING CENTER. To train and equip our children into becoming intercessors of truth. For they are the most gifted individuals of this earth. We should not ignore their capabilities by overlooking and judging their small appearance. They are just as strong as we are as adults. They are born to be leaders.

Children are inspirational, because they are translators of Jesus’ heart. They know exactly how to be a real human being. I used to work as a Karate assistant teacher, I had to supervise 70 children every single work day. It was tough, but throughout the year, I got to know each and every one of the children, and I learned more about them than I could have ever known. They were my light, truth, and inspiration to keep wanting to delve into more perserverance, of course I had days where I wanted to quit, but I kept telling myself I have to do it for the children. The kids were blind and lost, all they wanted is to be loved. We need to show them that it is through Jesus they are loved and will forever stay contented in true happiness, but it is through us as adults we need to be the best mentors we can be to show them guidance, in the form and character as Jesus wants us to be. For the children is the next generation, they are the future of the world, and by trying to entertain them with games, puppets, candy doesn’t do any justice, it only creates a false concept of what church really is. Church is not a social hang out, it’s not a baby sitter club, it’s not a nursery. It’s an educational atmosphere to interecede Jesus’ truth into the souls of these children, to lay the foundation, because these children are the vessels of God. If we fill these kids with just secular entertainment to keep them occupied whilst we adults focus on our own achievements for God, then it only brings vanity. And a church is not a real church without the children of God. Children is what creates that initial spark emphasizing love, purity, innocence, and relationship. That’s the reason why marriages become, for children.

Churches need to recognize that the foundation comes from children ministries first. Not the other way around where adults, em, youth is getting the spoon fed.

Children need it just as much as we do.

Let us stop with our own selfish desires, and focus on the children first.

Only then will there become a Bride of Christ.

People think so lowly of children, but their prayers are just as powerful as an adults. No one will go to heaven unless they have faith like a child. Adults can learn much from children.

We need to stop judging children as this “cute” byproduct.
Like so:

they are just like us. we need to treat them with fair equal respect as adults too. We must not OVERLOOK them.

Children have something that we don’t as adults or forget about. They know heart. And heart is truth. it is love. And children fight for one thing in particular. They know JUSTICE for humanity. They know what’s right and what’s wrong deep down in their hearts.

When we become teenagers, we forget about all that, and rely more on what the world entertains us. And then when we become young adults and adults, we rely on the intelligence of the mind, that we become so fixiated on pride and image. That yes we become so transformed into what the world has molded us into becoming.

To really know the character of Jesus. We must stop looking to theology as the practice to figure out God’s mind. But to look at children, for they portray Jesus character in beauty. It is through children that we can begin to understand what true love is.

So the next time you see a kid, get to know him, entertain him just only a little, but guide him along through the teachings of Jesus, mentor him. and make sure when you get to know the kid, try to figure out his gifts, only then you will realize this kid can be an intercessor of faith just as the child evangelists.

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