Coming back to Him.


That was probably the WORST experiment I have faced in this Christian walk.

Never will I do that again.

It was DEADENING my soul, fueling my mental ego with pride and arrogance clouding my vision, distorting my perception, fixiating my insight, blind my eyes in mesmerized worldly figures disguised in lust greed, creating evil intent within my spirit.

I even started to doubt God’s power. So glad the holy spirit helped me become aware of what I was thinking and perceiving, I was like. WHY AM I DOUBTING? For that was one of Satan’s little minions trying to give me a mental block. I kept saying over and over:

Now I really see that it’s just not worth doing that experiment, in a way, I greatly understand what it is what Jesus wants me to do.

For it is knowledge, but I learned that all that information is USELESS information. Yea something I learned, people wanna be smart, people love smart people, people wanna achieve the wisdom of God, because being the smartest person appeals to them, because of the pride. We think that if we become the smartest people, we will be respected, but I learned that is the foolish way. What I see now, is that is only camouflaged by the world/society thinks is the way. But it only grants self glorification..and what I see from King David, in the story, it shows that “a King is never above His God.”

Yes it is quite interesting to know all these things in the world, grant it, I admit it, I also find it very interesting to learn as much as I can. But when we get so sucked into knowing as much information as possible,  it can also hinder our own faith, and get greedy into trying to be the most influential person through our own intelligence.

What I realized through this walk is that.

It’s not the knowledge that we should be so concerned about, its not about being the smartest person in the world. It’s not about the educational backgrounds or credentials of intellect. It’s not about the information. But it’s to know God.

To know the character of JESUS & God.

And to get there, we must keep reminding ourselves that it is NOT MY IMAGE, but TO KNOW GOD.

Some of the things I keep telling myself over and over repeatedly saying this to myself throughout the day, everyday:

“A king Is never above his God.”
“Not my Image, but His intent”
“Not information, but Relationship”

Because I have hit those speedbumps down my own journey as an Intercessor of Truth, I admit, i have that kind of pride that sometimes consumes my own mentality to think that I must do this to know Him, but I forget about His relationship and become fooled into thinking that I am driven into becoming the smartest person in the world. And when I get through that area, I end up losing the relationship with Jesus. And get so brainwashed into my own image.

Also another thing I learned is that we need to stop being so preoccupied of FALSE HUMILITY and be more about TRUE HUMILITY.
False Humility is when we pray to ourselves and ask to be humble, for that is actually a selfish desire. We think that in order for ourselves to reach Jesus is to pray to Him to think and act humble. When actually that’s only hurting our own relationship with Him. Jesus never wanted you to be so preoccupied into trying to be humble.

The true humbleness is not to think to become humble, but to seek Him and serve without any preoccupations of false humility.

As referenced by Pastor Bill Johnson (Bethel Church/ Redding, CA):

Lets think in depth. False humility is only a trigger commencement to engage in our own IMAGE of self glorification to make us look self righteous, rather than ABBA’s intent.

Lets go back to the “smartness” issue at hand here.
For I realized Christianity makes you smarter! Well…lemme reflect upon that, actually God grants you wisdom of His mind through you, if you seek Him with all your heart, mind, soul, spirit. You have to commit to Him in our walk through your own faith. And you will see that you will start to see the light. For this Christianity is in a way a higher predecessor of knowing the truth even more. Foreal, how many of you out there are starting to see the truth through His name Abba father? I am starting to see the hidden loopholes revealing unto my eyes, and seeing that the world is disguising it just as Satan is the king of trickery.

That’s why I write so much, because these eyes are seeing the truth. It is my calling to let the people know the truth. I am a justice person, I write to reveal the truth.

Not for image, but to reveal to you that HE LOVES YOU.

It is the secular world we live in, that tries to change the way we always thought of in truth, transforming and molding us into negative notions.

And it is the CHURCH that is limiting our minds to think with freedom, forcing us to think into the system of the congregation, that we get into a turmoil of seeking intelligence rather than the one and only important thing that matters: SEEKING THE RELATIONSHIP OF GOD.

I have been church hopping almost my entire walk for SEVEN YEARS.
Going to many many churches, trying to get to know them, trying to know what they stand for. It’s despicable. I am in so much disagreement for what I see, knowing that is not the true intent Jesus emphasized upon.

I am even more confident in knowing who I am through Christ, because now I see the truth is LOVE. JESUS is LOVE!!!!
yet this world and the church is turning that love into FALSE LOVE.

However I am in appreciative of seeing a couple new churches in the area to actually emphasize what it really means to be a BRIDE OF CHRIST.

I have a friend a 23yr old Prophet, Healer, & Evangelist (Upper Marlboro, MD). It was pretty crazy how we met. Anyways, he was kicked out of his own church because He was only an intercessor of Truth.
He got banned because He did not believe that in the Old Testament, it is God’s will to kill people.

Now let us watch this:

Makes sense? Because we are so fooled by what the church/world is trying to proclaim unto us. I knew it deep down.

Now Let me state this, I do not idolize these speakers, because they are human beings just like You and I. But they are intercessors of truth, and I am grateful that they are rising up to speak about it, because it is time to reveal the truth that Jesus accentuates.

They are only vessels to help carry you into the engagement of Him. 

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