God is real

How do I know God is real?

Because I have seen the supernatural before these very eyes.

I have seen and experienced the touch of an ANGEL hugging me.

I have seen a feather of an angel appear out of nowhere, witnessed with 2 prophetic pastors at the time we were there.

I heard the voice of God on numerous occassions in a whisper.

I have felt the presence of the demons. 

I have seen the demonic shapeshifting glowing eyes.

I have seen a vision of the throne of God right before me. 

I have seen visions and dreams.

The probable most strongest thing I ever witnessed and experienced was to see that ANGEL COME BEHIND ME AND HUG with it’s own TWO ARMS. Glowing in BLUE LIGHT. 

I will never forget that moment in 2005. 

And whenever Satan tries to make me think with doubtful intentions of skepticism, i will always look back at that moment i witnessed an angel. 

and realize it was real and i had a 2nd witness with me at the time to see it too.

for we both were sober and wide awake in the middle of the day. 

God is not only real, but he is ALIVE!

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