Jesus is the Light

I have more to write about…

But check this, what have I been doing lately?
Just journeying a lot through my consecration, to know the character of Jesus even more.

I’ve been delving a lot into apologetics, and just trying to know more about the other religions of this world. I was just curious what they stand for.

I studied Buddhism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Wiccan, Talmudic Judaism, Messianic Judaism, Judaism, Islam, 5%, Rastafarianism, Nazarite, Roman-Catholicism, Southern Baptist, Calvinism, Reformed Presbyterian, Charismatic Christian, Charismatic Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Non-denominational Presbyterian, Atheism, Agnostic, Satanists, Shamanism, Hinduism, Christian Icthus, Christian Chi-Rhos, Christian Anarchists, Anarchism, Scientologist, quadratics, Zionism.

And through out all these. I see now why Christianity is the way. Christianity is the truth.

All these other religions, are just RELIGIONS. All they are is to bring spiritual empowerment for SELF GLORIFICATION IMAGE.

It’s wack. And this thing that they call being “enlightened”. Is the work of satan in my honest opinion.

For I have met a group of wiccans, they have a local gathering they meet every Friday nights at George Mason University Mall Movie Theatres. They have this social event called Rocky Horror Show. Man just listening to them talk, wow. they are so lost and blind. I feel the dark presence around them, for their eyes shapeshifting just as the demons would.

Anyways, I’m rambling again. Lets go back on topic, the point is that Christianity is the truth, because to seek God is through Jesus, and Jesus emphasizes one most important thing here which is LOVE. And Christianity is a relationship. Not a religion.

That’s the problem with Buddhism, it’s all about trying to gain spiritual empowerment, but what’s the point? For self beneficiary.

That’s the problem with Islamic faith. It’s a religion. No relationship, no love. Just the practice of Ramadan and consecration to seek God, but how can they seek Allah if there is no justice to Love?

That’s the problem with Mormonism, it’s a religion. No true love, but only falsified love cradled by the weight of Man and notions contributed that is not of the understanding of truth, but on the sanctification of doctrines. All it is like a mechanical business of systematics to serve the congregation.

That’s the problem with Jehovah’s Witness. I studied about, it’s actually another sub-branch of the free-masons. Yet they do not realize what’s so cultish about this sect. Until you become a predecessor of the JW.

If you look closely, the JW’s congregation is overseered by the Watchtower Bible Sect. Where the watchtower is actually a symbolic term for the free-mason’s illuminati mascot. The watchtower is an owl. And JW’s believe in Blood Transfusion, which the Free-Masons emphasize as one of their rituals, and if you dig deeper, the Satanists aka Talmudic Jews also emphasize this as a Satanic Ritual, they believe the drinking a virgin’s or children blood will make them stronger and young again. Anyways, you can google about it more later. I spent months studying about this.

The Wiccans are lost. Need I say more?

The Talmudic Jews control our government, most of them anyways. No wonder why we get taxed up the roof and martial law, and all this other crap that will come soon. The Talmudic Jews rely too much on the theology, which is why they forgot the prayer and relationship of God, which is why their knowledge has become so strought out changing into satanic rationales.

The jews, don’t believe that Jesus is the Christ. They are still stuck on the torah, which is the doctrines of what Moses stood for. The Old Testament 10 Commandments. It has become a religion because without Jesus there is no love, nor a relationship to know the Character of God. How can one know God’s mind or character of God or even let alone become engaged into the fulfillment of what the holy spirit is about through the relationship without not knowing Jesus?

The 5%, Rastafaris, Nazarites

….all lost…all just about spiritual empowerment, which is only about their own image, rather than being about God.

Roman Catholics, Calvinism are so similar in a way. I believe Calvinism came from Catholicism. And I believe both sects are religion based. Calvinism is so contradicting to what it means to be a true Christian, because it contradicts with the great commission exercise, and if you look at how John Piper talks about Calvinism here, it just doesn’t sound like the kind of god I know. I have a friend who calls Calvinism satanic, but Im not going to go that far, I just really think it’s unhealthy. To even have a kind of god to even talk to you like that, that’s not loving at all…its only trickery of satan to make you think that’s how God speaks to you as His annointed.

There are 2 types of Episcopalians, but as far as the one Episcopalian I know. Worldly. It just does not make any sense to me to have homosexual Christians. Yes I know even in speculation, heterosexuals are sinners because we have adulterated images, BUT we repent, because we feel the conviction inside, whereas this homosexual Christianity I believe deep down is just false testament, how can you become a homosexual and Christian, if there is conviction as to being a sinner?

The Methodist, Lutherans, reformed Presbyterians…hmm what can I say about them? I do not want to come here and generalize that ALL is wrong. But it just seems like one big spectacle of religion relying on doctrines of theologics and forgetting that prayer and the spirit exists too. Even in the Charismatic Christians, they experienced that many of the Presbyterians do not believe in the supernatural or at least skeptical to think that there is healing. Do not let them influence you to think that Jesus cannot heal. Yes it does say in the bible that All came to him, yet Jesus heals many. Context by context, does it say that Jesus doesn’t heal all, but healed many. Those who weren’t healed DOUBTED Jesus, which is why they weren’t healed. You must have the faith as a mustard seed. This is why I am saying this, because you must have that same belief that the supernatural, miracles, wonders, signs EXIST.
I remember when I was a Presbyterian retreat, I asked a pastor if the same kind of miracles would exist in modern times as it did in the bible, he said no. How can a pastor say this with confidence? For I believe that is the work of satan’s trickery of perception to influence him to think that God’s supernatural miraculous wonders do not exist anymore, why would you doubt God. He is the king. The bible is not a story book, it’s a NON FICTION instruction manual.

Anyways I can keep rambling on and on about each religious sect. but my point is Christianity is the truth, because it includes Jesus manifesting Love. And to find God is through Jesus. Love is the truth. the truth will set you free, and the truth is wisdom and the light and the life.

So I’ve been studying more about the biblical studies, and trying to know the character of Jesus even more. And Jesus spoke 3 types of languages: Glossolalia, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Although Aramaic doesn’t exist anymore, As the nation of Aram is now the nation of Syria.

And Glossolalia is what they say “speaking in tongue”/ prophetic, also known to be a Heaven language.

But I delved more into Hebraic Language. Fascinating. Which eventually led me into Messianic Judaism. AKA Christian Jews.

Like I’m trying to know Jesus even deeper, and I believe to really get there is of course through prayer, the bread of life. But also to take a trip to Israel and through the Messianic Jews.

I found a Messianic Jewish Temple actually in Northern VA. I plan on going there to study the organization more. Because one thing I learned is that the protestant faith as Christians, kind of strained out the rawness and history of what it means to be a follower of Christ. I’m trying to get back those roots by delving deep into the culture.

Because if you think about it Christmas is not really on Dec 25, it was actually set on that date created by the catholic pagans. Jesus’ true birthday was actually in the middle of spring. That’s why I think the protestant Christian faith has turned into more of this mainstream flashy product on the surface and cleaning out/straining the raw organics of what Jesus’ teachings really composed of. Although yes, it is not necessary to get involved in these, because yes it doesn’t really matter in the end, because yes the intent is only on His relationship. BUT! I believe it would do you some good to learn more of Jesus’ character through knowing the raw organics of the Hebraic Roots.

So this temple services only every Saturday mornings, they do not service on the Sabbath day of Sunday. It’s very very interesting.

So I plan on going on a consistent basis.

I will keep you updated of the new experiences.

And maybe in the near future, I will visit a Buddhist temple and a muslim synagogue.


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