Phase Fiver

One thing I learned in this walk is that we as humans are comprised of 4 different elements and this is due to the stage we are at.

Phase 1: Heart: Emotion
Phase 2: Soul: Character/ Persona
Phase 3: Flesh: Physical
Phase 4: Mind: Mental
Phase 5: Spirit: Spiritual

When we are infants, we are Phase 1. Now phase 1 can last the whole way through it all depends on the person if they choose to hold on to phase 1 as long as they want to, it also depends on holding on the pride or depends on the maturity of growth or wisdom or even time.

Phase 2 usually exists within the elementary children parameters.

Phase 3 usually regulates in the teenage years and even college years.

I think it is phase 4 that we become so deep thinking about the profound, this may happen post graduate, or aftermath.
and sometimes it is the pride that creates a mental block for us to not see true wisdom, and only are concerned with knowledge.

Phase 5 exists after coming back to know phase 1 and phase 2 deeply. And to try to understand all phases. This happens only when pride is let go, and be open minded with open heart as possible.

Now I am only stating this as a generalized synopsis amongst the general population.

However! Each phase can occur at different ages, it really depends on the person.
of course lets take Phase 5. That existed through Jesus as a young boy do you remember? For it was He who preached to the priests at the temple.

Or lets not forget Child Evangelist Nazareth, he is also a phase fiver.

A phase fourer are what I like to call those theologians, or Presbyterians who are so obsessed with knowledge and understanding. This can be pro and con. Pro = knowledge. Con= pride, image, self glorification.

Phase 3’s are probably the ones who just do not care but of physical. As I recall when I was in highschool, I just didn’t care about anything except physical sports or anything that brought physical happiness.

Phase 2, yes I found my identity through my persona.

And phase 1, yes as a young toddler, I had the heart of Jesus, a child of God.

Now this is not to say, that each one phase is not better than the other.

I have many friends my age and even older who are at phase 4. I also know many friends who are phase 3. I’ve only met an abundancy of phase fivers.

Now the point where im trying to get at is that, once you reach phase 5. You begin to dig deep into also trying to know God through the communion of the holy spirit. Once you dig deeper into the spirit, you begin to understand more of the prophetics.

And now I am starting to understand how it’s virtually possible to give prophetic words, become a prophetic pastor, sing prophetically, dance prophetically, have prophetic visions, dream prophetically, meditate, speak in tongue, feel the mood & spirit of people who are located 1000 miles away, sense people from afar, even sense their real intentions.

As an ex-psychology & philosophy student, I studied deep into trying to read people through body language and non-verbal communication.

But this FAR from reading people from what’s appeared in flesh, this is deeper, in spiritual terms.

I did an experiment. My friend is highly gifted in the prophetics, but He tested my ability to see if I had it too, He asked what the aura color is of his ex-gf and what is her spirit like. I had meditated about it, and I felt her essence. Not even knowing who she is. I never met the girl before ever in my entire life and I still haven’t. Told him exactly who she is and what she is about, and what her spirit is like. He told me he was struck in awe for being so accurate.

I also realized we cannot take advantage of doing this kind of prophetic gift for our own understanding. For it will only make us prideful beings in intelligence rather than of what we should be as intercessors of Jesus’ works.We should only use this gift to help others in the light of Christ.

I can feel people’s spirit inside without not knowing them. The agnostics confuse me though. I have the ability to read through sensing an individual’s spirit of who is an atheist and who is a believer. Agnostics confuse me because I see the spirit within them, but it is not the spirit of Jesus, it’s a different kind of spirit that I feel, but I definitely see them being spiritual. So I will be very confused, until after they told me that they are agnostic, which makes sense afterwards.

Atheists are easy to read though. Christians confuse me too sometimes. Yogis, Muslims, Wiccans, Buddhists all have the similar energy I feel from them. Quadratics & Scientologist have the same energy too I sense.

But through sensing people’s spirits, I can also know what they’re gift is, but I do not know they’re calling, as only God knows.

I’ve been sensing this one particular pastor at this reformed Presbyterian church. I sense that He chooses to be a pastor for his own image. I feel that there is so much pressure on his shoulders because it’s all about image. And he is trying to become someone who he really isn’t, but only is so for the congregation and elders and everyone else who looks to him as the overseer of the church. So much stress falls on him, is almost struggling and wants to explode in anger, but pents up all that emotion built up inside of a bottle inside him. It’s not healthy. He feels that theres so much responsibility, he has to control everything. So much to do, so little time. But he believes that in order to be a pastor it is about image.

It is not about image, you can also be yourself. For I know who you are even before you were a pastor. Be yourself.

But then again, I do not really know you that deep, I only know several facets of you from what I’ve seen and even hanging around you. Although it just seems like right now you’ve changed into a different person, because you’re so pre-occupied about image, that you even judge others or judge even yourself  because you want to look like the image of what a pastor is supposed to look like in the secular portrayal.

However, before I conclude, I could be wrong as it is wrongful of me to even judge too. Therefore I should just stop with my prophetic sensing, and just keep an open mind to get to know you even better, because I have even caught you trying to judge me through your analytical eyes, (im not that naive, I can pick up body language pretty fast). Although I think this will be good if we both stop over-analyzing eachother with pre-judgement and begin to get to know each other fully in relationship potential.


Last night I spoke in tongue, for the first time in my life. It was weird. Never have I experienced that. I always thought speaking in tongue is strange, like you cant force it out, its gotta be real. All I did was just dig deeper in prayer and somehow I started speaking in tongue without being aware to it, until after I realized later.

As it says in Apostle Paul, everyone can have the prophetics, we just have to be radical.

Now it makes sense, what Paul means in translation to modern society.
We have to get to phase 5, dig deep into phase 5 through Christ, then dig deep into prayer, and only then we can begin to understand the prophetics after letting it come be apart of us.

For it the church who thinks the prophetics are satans work, this is a FALSE TRUTH.

The prophetics are a form of the supernatural workings to experience the miracles, wonders, and signs.

The problem with Presbyterians is that they delve too much into scripture and not of prayer, faith, relationship and worship. Delving too much into the bible is only going to make you into a theologian. For that is not what Jesus intends you to become, he wants a relationship. That is why we must dig deep into prayer, relationship, and worship too.

And through this Presbyterian notion, it brings doubtful intentions, of skepticism, to think that the supernatural doesn’t exist, that healing is fabrications, that miracles are make believe, which only hurts their own faith, which in turn also makes the church as not the bride of Christ but become married to the system of the congregation.

although the problem is that, when you are at phase fiver, you are strong at phase 1 & 2, and very not so on 4 & 3.

A phase fiver; the three doesnt exist, sexual desires dont attract. forgot all about it. pays more attention to the person’s heart and see who they are through the inside, rather than the physical flesh.

a phase fourer, you’re deep into also phase three too.
less of phase 1 & zero on fiver.

it’s a little sad though sometimes i ponder, how will a man procreate if he desires no flesh for his wife?
perhaps maybe the intent should only be on the motive to procreate offspring, and not care about the sexual intent of his wife


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