I have a lot to say.

First and foremost, let us talk about the issue at hand of the church.

Since September, I have been going to this Reformed Presbyterian Church on a consistent basis. Beforehand I was attending my home church Ive been grown up for 7yrs, Franconia Baptist which deviated into Crossover Community. I felt it was time to leave and find a new church to engage into the next stage in my own walk.

Of course during those 7yrs, I was church hopping here and there. Me being the open minded person I am, I love taking an interest in the other areas of the faith.

Which also brings to mind, why is that when you go to a new church, people will only acknowledge your existence if you become a consistent communion member of the church, and then when you decide to leave to find the next phase of your walk, and you continue to reach out to them because you think that they are your new friends, but they would not acknowledge you anymore.

Ive had many of those instances before me, it saddens my heart that we cannot continue to become good friends just because I don’t attend their church anymore. It doesn’t make any sense! Why? Is it because of their pride? Is it because they think that we have religious differences for what we believe in? Why does those things matter? Because really we’re all loves of Jesus in the end right? Principals and core beliefs don’t really matter in the end, because it is not us who have the right to judge, but in the end it is God who will judge who is a Christian.

I believe that one day a revival will happen in our community. That churches will come together as ONE. Because nowadays churches in our area are SPLIT, because of the principal differences, that church members do not want to reach out, because of their own pride, let us become humble and reach out to others, open the mind to learn and understand new things of the faith. Members do not want to even begin to reach out, they would rather have people come to them, instead of doing it vice versa. Not helpful.

Churches are segregated too. How can we come together as one community if we keep relying on the differences, and not know what it really means to be in a relationship? For to be in a real relationship, it must consider fellowship. And true fellowship is corporate/global/business intent. Which means to come together, bond, as the yoke, the body of Christ. We must stop looking down on each other, and compare each other, which church is the best, which denomination, principalities, code of ethics, moral standards, core beliefs and values. All those things don’t matter in the end, for it is the the Unification of Jesus.

Which is one of the reasons why I will continue to reach out, to bring JUSTICE to what is being unfair and truths unveiled.

But it doesn’t start there. It starts within each church individually. It starts with the members of the church, and it builds on into the fellowship for the Church, and then it builds on into the progression of the communion, and thereafter it builds on into the overseers and leaders, which builds into what they stand for. And then the churches can start to engage each other, and finally build into what It means to the yoked bride of Christ.

And that is why there is one thing I have been observing while attending this reformed Presbyterian church consistent basis. There is no fellowship, genders are segregated, people do not reach out, there are cliques, the truths are misunderstood.

I thought maybe perhaps I should let these members know that it is through the 3 construct activities: prayer, worship, and bible.
because knowing the reformed Presbyterians take implements of Calvinistic faith, and rely more on theology, rather than the marriage of the bridegroom and prayer. But constructs are just tools, for it is the communion of the spirit that needs to be within all of paradigms. And to get there is the radical consecration commitment to Him.

Then many months later, I see now that was only the surface, I dug deeper and found that, the ulterior motive is INTENT.

For I see now that the member’s motives are for self intent to gain knowledge, but through this only hurts their hearts and lack relationship.

Do not get involved to find something for yourself. Do it to for selfless intentions.

Do it because you want to serve. Do it because you want to help. Do not do it because you want to be known or gain a status.

For example, I observed that there was a woman carrying a bunch of coffee, and there were a group of men bojangling upon conversations, I could see from afar that woman needed assistance in opening the door for her coffee not to be spilt, but the men didn’t do anything, they just kept to themselves and carried on their own intellect to see who is the great theologian.

I have observed the children and teens of the church, needing guidance, needing mentoring, for running amuck. There aren’t enough programs for the children that Church isn’t just some social catered event, that it’s an atmosphere that intercedes the foundation for their own lives. And that foundation is Jesus.

I’ve observed the elderly (60yrs+) who clean and put away the tables/chairs during lunch. Why is that the youth or EM do not do a single thing to help them? Just care to themselves and focus on themselves.

I’ve observed the church is so mechanical. Rather than being human. And its because there is no fellowship nor engagement of community. There aren’t even any free thinkers, just inquisitives who glorify on the intellect rather than thinking with the heart of truth. Everyone just goes to church, and then just goes home. WTF? No body has fellowship, and if there is fellowship, there isn’t true fellowship, its more of a social buddy buddy hang out club. Back in my day, true fellowship is when a brother had a bad day, and all the brothers and sisters went to seek out that one melancholic brother to help encourage through a midnight devotional which consisted upon hours and hours of prayer, worship, and bible study.

I’ve observed people just do not help each other, because it’s not a want, it’s more of like, what will I gain if I do?

It’s like saying, what will I gain if I commit to prayer to you God? Hey God, please give me a job promotion, I will say amen. Do you even realize what your doing?

FOR YOU ARE TESTING GOD. This is GOD! God does what He wants and chooses to please! HE IS GOD! What in the world are you saying?

But I cant blame them. For we live in the world, the secular will brainwash us into thinking that it is our self first.

I am a hypocrite for even bringing this discernment too, because I have caught myself on several occasions. BUT I cannot deny the fact of injustice. What am I to do? knowing that I am a hypocritical sinner just as you all are, but HIDE away and not reveal the truth? I cannot begin to do that, because when I see problems, I have to announce or even help.

As of right now, I left that church, so many communion members rebuked and judged me for their own self discernment. And not of HIS lips.

Found a new church, which I can call my new home now.

But now being apart of this new church, I cannot just continue to go on my journey and not forget about those people at the reformed Presbyterian church. There’s just too much injustice going on, and do you know why? It’s because I CARE!

Because I LOVE YOU ALL STILL! I am your brother’s keeper. I cannot continue this walk without trying to resolve the unloved matter.

Which is why I am going to attend my new church still, but from time to time I will re-visit that Presbyterian, because I’ve already initialized relationships with many of the members there, and I see so much potential of that church becoming a bride of Christ.
Of course I do not agree with many of the member’s beliefs, leaders, deacons, pastor, core beliefs, and congregation. And it’s not that I don’t care what people think about me, Im not self conscious, nor am I insecure. But to continue on a journey to have people misunderstand what my intentions are really about, to just give up and let them think that I’m doing this to cause troubling riot or gain an image is NOT what Jesus wanted us to be.

Lemons will be thrown at you regardless, will you give up just because you cant take it anymore? NO I WILL NOT GIVE UP, because there is something called LOVE.

I love you all still deep down, it only hurts me if I just leave and not do anything about it.

Because really, ask yourself. If i don’t do anything about it, WHO WILL? WHO WILL?

Of course, I cannot do everything on my own. I cant do everything by myself. I cant do everything. BUT we cannot doubt what God has gifted us and what were capable us.


Sure we cannot save everyone, but I saved this one, and I saved this one, and that one…

…and it goes on

Do not doubt. For that is only Satan trying to hinder your faith. To bring in skepticism. You must let that FIRE continue to grow. Do not doubt yourself and what you can be capable of. We are the desert lions of zion.

A friend from YWAM Kona, has told me that the best way to resolve this issue at this church, is through mentoring. As he and I both have observed that there is no mentoring going on. I believe that this is true. Because they keep to themselves a lot and there is no guidance, nor teaching. But only guidance or teaching on the self intent to announce their own intelligence of self glorification. To teach only to make themselves look more smarter. To speak only with things they have to say, but not listen to the third party for what they want to say either. To rebuke, but not carry on discussions. As a conversation is a relationship but rebuking is just telling out of one’s own discernment.

But i realize there is something deeper, we must dig deep to find the first source. And Mentoring is good and all, but that’s just only upon the surface.

And that first source is having a SELFLESS INTENT. And to have a selfless intent as I have learned is to have a HEART of GOLD and a WILLING SPIRIT to want to HELP people! With the expectancy of NONE. And just want to help because you WANT TO, and not to GAIN anything in return or get any self benefits or to please others.

But do it because you just WANT TO.

You have to think just as the military combatants do. They join to serve. To help!

Doctors/Nurses first initial is to go to med school because they want to help. But later in the long run, their perception changes, and they do it now to make themselves look smart or professional  ninja.

I met a Christian med school student kid who’s too in love with his mind, rather than the basic fundamental, the heart of Jesus. In our small groups, he would try to start as many controversial debates with all of the members, just on the motive to contradict them and make his point the most clear. Which only sufficed his own intellect, to make himself look good. His pride.

Am I judging for what Im saying? Or is this a careful observed speculation?
No. I write to just emphasize this topic with a supported observance.

Just like writing a school paper, you need to include references, points of examples, here and there just to get your point across.

I’m just trying to get my point across as well clarified as possible, so you know where I’m getting and where I’m coming from.

When I first started going to these novahop prayer meetings, at first I was like, ehhh I would rather pass. What am I going to get out of it?

But then I soon realized, that I had to stop thinking like that, and just come with an open mind, and open heart. So I was on the motive to just go.

That is the same thing with some of the missions trips too. I just go, not to expect anything in return or goals that “I” wants to achieve, but to go because I want to help.

That’s it. and it should be. PERIOD.

So coming back, the best way to resolve this issue with the church, is not starting on trying to become mentor status, but mentor the members to reveal the selfless intent to just help.

And I believe the only way to achieve this, is to bring in 2 or more radicals to announce and give guidance.

There are even negative instances where I see some members rebuke to me and say:
“Oh you’re only trying to helpful as much as you can, just to make yourself look good, how self righteous you are”

And what I learned is that, people who are quick to jump the gun and rebuke. They do not know you and quick to doubt in satan’s trickery perception.

For people who do not know you personally, will be quick to judge and rebuke. But then there are those who do know you personally, and don’t judge you, but only see your true intentions.

Don’t let them hinder you, it’s only satan using them as a vessel to denounce your faith in controlling the injustice of Jesus’ true intent.

Don’t give up. Stay motivated.

For I know I will be alone. But that only motivates me more to resolve this issue at hand.

Ask yourself: WWJD?

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