Consecration: How to be a radical

Anyone can become a radical for God. Just as John the Baptist of the wilderness like is. Or a Nazarite would.

The way to be a radical is through the consecration. By studying the nazarite vow and Messianic Judaism of Hebraic Roots, taking implements of each and incorporate it into your own Christian walk. Also take some implements of YWAM core ethics and IHOP-KC’s FITN lifestyle.

It’s called consecration. Instead of taking 1 foot in the world, and 1 foot in Jesus. Life is hard, depressing, and stressful. But life is EASY and Healthy and Happy, if both feet are devout to Jesus. Yes I know exactly how it feels, because we live in the worldly era, the age of Man. Secular concepts surrounds us in its entirety. But the best way to commit to God in being a radical, first spark the fire, be aware of the holy spirit, and grasp it. Worship.

To be continued…

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