Messianic Judaism explained

Yes as it is said in scripture that once Christ is born, there will be no more gentiles nor Jews, but everyone is one in the same and together unified as God’s people.

Yes Messianic Judaism, is Christian Jews.
But it does not mean to create division amongst others as believers.

If that were so, then why not question the other denominations and principals of ethics on Christian Protestant sects like Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, Reformed Presbyterians, Calvinism, Non-Denominationals, Charismatics, Christian Anarchists, Icsthus, Chi-Rhos, Renewalists, Seventh Day Adventists?

Messianic Judaism is there not to create division, but to cultivate the roots and history of the predecessors of the first Christians. To persevere the Hebraic culture of the raw organics of what it meant to be a Christian when Christ existed in those times. It is a way to restore true faith, and I believe and support the Messianic Jews for doing so.

On Tues 3/26/2013.

I had the opportunity to meet a group of Messianic Jews that came into the Northern VA House of Prayer to celebrate the Passover.

The entire worship was in Hebrew language, it was wonderful. It was as if I was there in the old days, through fully understanding the true walks of the early Christians and not what it is right now; strained & mainstream fabricated.

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