The Umbrella

I had a conversation with a brother. About how to become a radical, and the steps of getting there through consecration. And from my own experience, I believe it should at least take a week of consecration. He goes on to reply that there is no timeline for Christ. Of course, I agree, with that said. I said,
“It could even take a day to spark that fire. But the week of consecration is more than enough to get initialized as being commenced into radical Christian lifestyle. Taking implements of nazarite vow & messianic Judaism. Staying faithful, committed, fast, worship, pray, study, read, serve, meditate, spirit, commune, fellowships. To really understand what it means to be a radical, test yourself for a week of consecration to get deeper into Him, through this week as a challenge of your faith in intercession.”

He goes on to say:

“What you think and what God thinks are two different things. You can be on fire for God, but that doesn’t mean you a “radical Christian” or as I would say faithful Christian. God can change a person’s heart faster than you and I can but commitment and building a faithful relationship with God takes time, trust, forgiveness, love, prayer, understanding, reading the word, and loyalty. That is even shown in the bible. The followers of Jesus didn’t have that type of relationship with him when he was alive. Even one of them betrayed him with a kiss. It was not until he died, walked out of the tomb, and went up to heaven, that they were the faithful Christians.”

John 16:7
But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

The spirit of Truth is Holy Spirit.

In my response to this.
A: “I believe for what you are saying is true. So I can only say in response with the verses from Jesus that say, ‘If I do not go, then the comforter will not come. But if I do go, then the comforter will come.’ The comforter here is the holy spirit. The people could not sustain a faithful relationship because the advocate wasn’t there. It only came after Jesus left. The thing about the holy spirit, is that of substance of God, it comes to make you aware of your sins and committing of sins, it comes inside and convicts you.

During the time of when the disciples was with Jesus alive. They didn’t have the holy spirit with them, but they were being trained in the umbrella in the mind, eyes, strength, and heart. These were the predecessors of the first initial stages to get into the next facets where I explain in earlier blogs for Children’s ministry ( and phase fiver ( And as explained in phase5, to get there, is the first trigger stage must be from stage 1 through 4, which starts at flesh, heart, soul, mind, etc.

In a way it is as if Jesus is a shogun, and the disciples were shaolin monks. The discipleship training was a shinobi temple. The bible is the hidden samurai scrolls. And the mission is the battlefield that we are called as ninjas to fight in stealth.

Maybe that’s why it makes sense to stay quiet, meek, humble, strong, patient, just as the ninja do.

This whole thing about the phasefiver, the point is training. And this whole discipleship training, is the umbrella to become God’s weapon for war. And the war is spiritual warfare.

Let me include this part of the message too. Watch at @40:00

Oppression/ Not Image.

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