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reminder to myself: pursue personal goals first:

(July or Aug 2013)
1.) get back in shape: current weight 160lbs, reach to 175lbs.
8pack, ripped, flexible, stronger.
plyos, calisths, proprioception, kinesthesia.
in bboy focus on: sharpening foundations (power, footwork, tops, tricks, freezes, fundamentals).
after fit: pursue ACE personal trainer certification, ACE Group fitness instructor certification.

(Sept 2013)
2.) pursue a job teaching bboy at several dance studios. and launch personal trainer entrepreneur business (wakizashi). make bboy tutorial videos & films. showcase performances. teach locally, choreograph.

2.5.) at the same time, do this on the side: start small business in selling organic herbs online.
(keep in mind, not trying to get big, just small and local only. babysteps)

3.) get more certifications: P90X certification, CrossFit Instructor Certification, MovNat Trainer Certification, NASM Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification, & ACSM Medical Exercise Specialist certification.

3.5.) return to the bboy scene to battle/cypher.

4.) return to school online. BA Christian Studies Regent Univ
hurry up and graduate.

5.) Go to IHOP: FITN Internship, then serve fulltime employment staff at Forerunner Arts Ministry as Bboy Instructor & Personal Trainer.

6.) go serve at YWAM Montana Lakeside.
do YWAM EDTS, YWAM Carpentry Apprenticeship Program, live there forever.

the end.

things to do later:
-publish books, dvd, itunes.


1. bboy instructor
2. personal trainer
3. herbalist entrepreneur
4. Writer


take bboying for example into christianity analogy

the music is the bible.

body is vessel

the translation to how we move is our interpretation from the music. 

the competitions control mentality: these institutionalized mediators from institutionalism trying to edify a bboy’s interpretation of translation.

bboying was never meant to have rules, its a free art. relationship.

thats how bboying died in the 80s, corporations (institutionalism) sanctionizing bboying into factions, rules, guidelines, categories. killing the bboys (believers) and transforming the culture into more of a mainstream for public (worldly knowledge of theology/doctrines).
(^ 16th century, catholicism of state religion)


but bboying is now coming back in new life in the 2010’s era. because this time its governed by real bboys (believers) who know that this art is meant to be an art and not a sport for corporations or competitions. to intercess cultivation of oil (relationship of christianity)

but there are still a vast majority of eboys talking shit and trying to edify other bboys translations into what they think is the right way to bboy.

there is no right way. but there are grounds (word of God/laws/gospel) the foundation (the 4 elements that make the bboy dance: tops, drops, down, freeze).

yet the foundation doesnt contain 100% rules.
(bible doesnt mean it is the word of God, it only contains the word of God.)
therefore, what real foundation is substance. foundation is not moves, its the understanding of music (God.), which in fact is (the intercession to God which defines relationship)

therefore christianity is relationship not institutionalism of doctrines.
just as bboy is not competitions, its your art form. 

contributor to scene, bboy through knowledge or teaching or holding events.
contributor to christianity, books, intercessors, community, spreading the gospel, freedom fighter justice: emphatic ethics on humanity race.



9 Pet Peeves that annoy me in Institutionalized Church

1. People who pray for you condescendingly.
“Oh I’ll pray for you”. When you never asked for a prayer in the first place from them, but they go ahead and pray for only on means of basing judgement off of a false interpretation of what your true intent is.

2. People who get this whole ethics of judgement vs discernment confused.

3. people who choose to edify you only on means of basing judgement from false interpretations on insufficient facts.

4. Institutionalism

5. People taking business judging ethics and confusing it with everyday life outside of work, especially through ministry.

6. denominations

7. conditional friendships. relationships only established on religious doctrines, beliefs, traditions, and not out of love.

8. arrogant prideful people who are so egocentric to their own understanding without trying to  understand others.

9. false interpretation, especially through online or non verbal context.
over-analyzing a person through non-verbal written communication platform and jumping to conclusions that person is who they are, without asking the source to try to understand their true motives.


overall it is unethics of judging that annoys me.

Unethics happen if man relies on the construct of knowledge, seeking other men as his mediators.

When in fact understanding of true ethics happen when man relies on relationship and Christ is his mediator not man.

because judging happens when man relies on knowledge too much that it becomes an egocentric understanding, which boosts self-pride and lack of open mind. judging is unethical.
it doesnt bring justice for humanity. to be real human ethics must be the triggerpoint. humanity without ethics makes humanity destroyed.

look at uganda, somalia, congo, chechnya, afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, palestine, iran, north korea. all those countries do not have any correct ethics. the community is resourced on false doctrines and beliefs from either a terrorist organization or leader based on man knowledge.

thats why its important to be a child of God.
because it establishes important principals that carry correct ethics for a way of life. Think of it like this, children coming into the world by birth, do not know anything, and only are observers of the world. because their mind and perspective is so fresh, that there is no reason to judge others. all they are is about learning and enjoys learning, because they’re observing.

judging and observing are two different mediums.

but now after they grow up a little, they’re given an option to judge by the permission of parents teaching them to judge. and receiving knowledge of man now growing up in the secular world.

when in fact knowledge is only worldly wisdom. and its useless information, because its only manipulated without substance translated by man. which in a way is heretic.

Where I stand in my beliefs right now


So here is where I stand now in my beliefs from learning in my walk.

Im at the point where I do not really care so much about speakers, pastors, “prophets”, or “intercessors”. I do not put speakers on a pedastal, no idolatry. I mean sure for what they speak is encouraging and inspirational, although
1 Tim 2:5 The only mediator is Jesus.
I only look to Jesus as my master and mediator, for what my brothers or mentors or pastors, speakers, intercessors try to edify me, I am only going to take their words with a grain of salt.
For what i have realized is that Christianity is not a religion, it is relationship. For everyone’s walk is different from each other, we do not know each other’s true motives or intents in a person’s heart. only that one person knows what his/her’s heart is and God.
1 Corin 2:11
For who can know what is someone’s true intent or motives behind a person’s heart? The same context goes for God, no one knows God’s true motives or intent except God.

Therefore I do not believe it is right to judge others. Although for discernment, i believe this should only come into context with somebody who does not know what they are doing. Such as children who need guidance or non-believers.

I have thought long and hard about what “House of Prayer” movement represents. And why is it so important for me to speak in tongue and why is it so important of me to dig deep into prayer and why is it so important of me to go to IHOP.

After long long long time thinking and praying. I realized i will continue to try to go to IHOP.
For i truly believe IHOP will pertain to my walk in my own personal relationship I have with Jesus.
Now understanding why digging deep into prayer is so important, because it’s a communication platform to talk to God, the more its dug deeper the more we get to sustain the relationship.

But as far as Speaking in tongues, People have said that this gift is to help you get to dig deep into prayer. Although the way i see it, i do not think that speaking in tongues is necessary to dig deep into prayer or consecrate radically. For I believe speaking in tongues is called a “gift” for a reason. For if everyone learned it as an acquired skill of trade, then it wouldnt be known as a “gift”. I’ve seen so many abundant seminars, books, and workshops where teams and speakers are teaching believers how to learn to acquire gifts. For this doesnt really make sense to me and would contradict to the “gift vs skill” aspect.

I’m at the point where i believe a calling or finding a purpose in life doesnt really matter.
For it says in ecclesiastes, the meaning of life for man is to serve God, that is man’s duty.
So now that i know that is my duty, then to find a calling doesnt matter anymore. Because I believe we are not called by zeal, but to become His children.

I’m content with what I have. I am at the point where “hey, i dont have any spiritual gifts nor a calling, but hey i dont care! im content with what i have in life! because im called to be His son. that’s all that matters to me.”

Now as Jesus is the only mediator, I’m starting to see that i do not need to rely on man to find the answer, for it is my relationship, my own walk with Jesus where i find the answers.
I do not need to go to church or see these famous speakers give their message in a sermon (Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, Allan Hood, Shelly Hundley, Sharon Kim, Francis Chan, Billy Graham, Ben Atkinson, Lou Engle, Bill Johnson, Kim Walker-Smith, etc.). Yes they’re words come to edify us on an act of love, and yes it does sound interesting, inspirational, and encouraging. Yet, What i believe is that with what they say is only pertaining to what they’ve experienced in their own walk. It will not necessarily apply to my life nor anyone else’s walk, because as i said everyone’s walk is on different paths. This is not to say I am close minded nor stubborn, this is just saying that I am going to take what they say with a grain of salt.

This is very reason why right now in my walk, I do not believe you do not need to go to church in order to seek relationship with Jesus. I also believe church is not a building. Yes church is the bride of Christ, but i believe the bride of Christ can exist through ourselves. Yes church emphasizes fellowship. But you do not need to simply to go to church to be apart of  community. That’s what the world is for, there are people outside walking out and about too.
Home Church Movement VS Institutionalism.

I’m against religion, Institutional Churches, and calvinism.

I do not believe a person needs to go seek out a healer to recieve healing, i believe if a person wants to be healed that desperately, he/she can seek out Jesus through prayer alone. They do not need to seek out an appointed figure.

For it is not our job to repent others, it is our job to repent to Jesus.
Repenting others is only a choice made by Man.
Creating a church was only a choice made by man.
So we do not need to rely or seek Man in order to make our own paths straight.
For it is important to take everything by man with a grain of salt.
Because it is not their responsibility to orthodox you, it is yours alone. It is your responsibility to edify your own walk in your own journey with Christ. That’s what the advocate and the walk is there for.

My ideal church is not really a “church” that society’s ideology has of.
My kind of church is the early church in the book of acts. A Tabernacle of David. A House of Prayer i believe is the bride of Christ. A church without denominations. A Church that emphasizes community. A church that emphasizes on worship, prayer, ministries, and spiritual mediation. Yet the Word should only be applied to a believer’s own walk, the way i feel about it, is i believe its just unecessary that if its involved within church service.

For I am choosing to opt out of any sermons, conferences, events, seminars, workshops, messages now. However if i am in the mood to go, i go.
I dont need to go to church to seek Jesus, because I have that in my own personal walk.
But however, I go to church to serve in ministry. And Small groups I go for community.

The ministries i would like to serve are: Children Equipping Center, Fitness, & Forerunner Arts.

See the way i see it now is that the bibles we have today are only intepretations and translations designed by man in modern times derived from the original bible which were written by Prophets who were the intercessors to audibly hear the voice of God as a direct order in which the scriptures were born.

But that’s just it. the bibles today are “interpretations” by man. interpretations by definition means educated guess of analysis, but under who’s analysis? that is of which is man. So in a way it is guessing.
For in 1 Cor 2:11 How can man know for certain what is in God’s mind, what is God’s true intent? no one knows that for certain.
This can also apply to how we have these “prophets” & intercessors recieving prophetic words. They say that the Lord spoke to them, but if there are no more Prophets that could audibily hear the voice of God as direct clear order, then that would mean that the “prophets” today are just men who are making “interpretations” to what they think the Lord is speaking to them. When it all comes down to it, that it’s only a guess, based on their own self analysis.

Even through prayer, How can we know for certain what the Lord is saying? we may even get a whisper from the subconscious, but how do we know that is directly from the Lord? for it is only an interpretation by man.

I think the only evident thing that really makes up for what is a clear answer not by guessing is through prophetic dreams, open visions, miracles, wonders, & the supernatural.

Although even dream interpretations is also just a guess.

Which is why i thought long and hard about this, if we do not know God’s real intent, that also means we dont really know God fully then. But at the same time we love God.
Which also means, we dont need to know a person at all in order to love them. We do not need to know their true intents in their heart to love them.

And so to conclude with this is that then it really doesnt matter to know what the interpretations are then. It doesnt matter what is the answer. It does not matter what is our calling or purpose. The only thing that matters is Love. We do not Chase after God, to find what our calling is or what the answers are. We chase after Him because we Love Him.

For i also thought: I cannot begin to imagine a life without Him there. For life would not make any sense.

And so that is why i feel that we need to stop being so concerned about what is the answers, because we do not know! period!
But just seek Him because that’s the only thing that matters. God is Love.
Let me also include books.
Books vs Bible.
In my opinion books are a waste of time for me.
I mean sure yes it is interesting, and yes books are there to be translations to modern society.
But i think that people are missing out on the concept here.
That is the relationship we need to focus on: Just simply You & Jesus period.
Nothing else. Reading the word in your own quiet time to yourself, with prayer, spiritual mediation, and meditation included is the only way for you to understand what God is saying. Yes your comprehension can also mean interpretations, but that is also what a person’s walk means right? A Journey of servanthood. For what books are really is that it is the author’s own experience for edification. But that author’s experience is based on interpretations under self analysis right? I mean how else would the author receive true interpretation? Like what God is going to come down and speak to them to write this book?  No. For what the author’s message only pertains to the author’s walk. It may not necessarily apply to the reader’s. It may be a beacon of encouragement. Or to gain knowledge to see at an interesting point of view, although that’s all it really is.

Because its like check this:
your born to be a saxophone player. But you go ahead and take a bunch of drumming lessons. And u graduate to come out be a sax player in the end. What was the point of all that? Sure you have learned how to drum now, but when you know that your duty is to the sax.

Like saying:
You were born to be a servant of God, but you go ahead and take a buddhism study. And u graduate to come out to be a Christian in the end, what was the point of all that? It only was a waste of time, it mediated your time which you should have been focused on Lord, but you spent it all on buddha studying. When you already know what’s in your heart and what you believe in and you end up coming out to be a follower of Christ in the end.

Knowledge is useless information. Wisdom is from God.
Knowledge has no substance and only boosts the ego.
But the only truth that really matters is Love, and that is where the Gospel stands.
for if the old testament is the law of laws, and the new testament is the law of love. Then the new testament only applies to modern Christianity today. And that means the only thing that matters today is Love.

For who is to say who is going to go to Heaven? No one knows that except God.
For I thought long and hard about this being rebuked by a calvinist.
And what does not make sense is if I went to hell for living a life on earth devout to Christ’s emphasis on having a true intent of Love inside the heart and all actions, then that would also mean that the entire faith is a total lie. For then life wont make any sense, because true love is a global ideology. Everyone knows the difference between fake love vs Real unconditional love. So with this being said, then love is truth. And Christianity is the truth. For all the other religions do not emphasize true love, but act on law of laws or good deeds on self vanity or image.


However I believe Churches are good for those who dont have a real personal relationship with Jesus yet, but are trying to find it. Probably for the ones going through bad times right now: the divorcees, or the people who lost a family member, or those just trying to find an answer to their life.

But overall, I am against this whole “Gentile” Christian life-style, it’s just so diluted from what early christianity predates back to 70A.D. I’ve been trying to find that raw organic element of Christianity, and i stumbled upon it through my own prayer walk. I believe the significance exists in the greatness of mother nature.

Which I also have some inquiries about IHOP.
If IHOP emphasizes deep relationship intercession movement.
And I believe that the God’s significancy exists in mother nature, Why can I not go to YWAM Montana instead?
there is a certain program at YWAM Montana where camping in the wilderness of the great outdoors DTS provided. For I believe you do not need to rely on a certain organization in order to dig deep into relationship intercession, Yes IHOP emphasizes this strongly, more than YWAM does. But is it all that really important? Yes in order to get to know God better is through relationship as prayer in the communication platform. But this is also a catch-22, if we do not fully know who God is, then why does it matter to then to try to figure out to get to know God in relationship when we know that we can not know God fully. Shouldn’t we just be content with what it is?

So I say to those receiving prophetic words from speakers/teams/prophetic pastors/etc. Take it with a grain of salt, they’re only predictions.

Christians & Suicide

if there were believers who had no choice like the video seen above.
if they had no choice to be put to death, to commit suicide or burn to death alive.
for is it an unpardonable sin to kill yourself? ive always been told that we will go to hell instantly if we choose to kill ourselves. but what if the video above had a situation exactly like that.
to have no choice but to die.
and you know the steel is melting, there are no stairs, nor elevator, and your trapped in a heated room suffocating from the toxic fumes, what in the world do you do?
do you burn alive? or do you choose to jump?

What our job is as a believer


Romans 13:6b-7 (NIV)

Romans 13:1-5 (NIV)

Romans 13:7 (NIV)

1 Corinthians 4:5

Matthew 13:28b-30a (NLT)

Isaiah 64:6a (NIV)

Matthew 5:7

Revelation 20:4b

Acts 4:19

Acts 23:3

Acts 23:5

Titus 3:1-6 (AMP)

Titus 3:2 (AMP)

Matthew 7:5 (NASB)

It is not our job to repent others, it is your job to repent to Jesus.


The real definition of Judging

This is what I think:

Judging vs Discernment vs Observing vs Analyzing vs “Pointing Out” vs Rebuking vs Prophetic Sensing vs Questioning vs Exhortation vs Judgemental

Judging is when a person makes an assumption of someone or something without going to the source for confirmation and running along with their own assumption based on their perception.

Discernment is cautious judgement on act of love to help steer you into correct way through advise or even by not saying anything at all.

Observing / “Pointing Out”: is taking a clear notice of clarified vision from clear perspective. 

Analyzing: is an over technicalized referenced sourced from observing. 
based on objective from self to make sense of things for self without asking source. yet but not completely in judgement.

Rebukement: an act of discernment without love. 

Prophetic Sensing: Sensing Prophetically based on experience, making educated guesses, self interpretations on observance, and meditation on Holy Spirit. 

Questioning: a slow hesitant approach of observing without any conclusion but on the motives of curiosity to fulfill answers.

Exhortation: Making Judgement call. 

Judgemental: Using Judgement but categorizing with keen sense of analytical skills to make sense of things for one’s logic through a bias/ Black & White perspective.