again too black & white

Again. @2:39

This is too black & white.

This will most likely not happen. And to introduce an idea like this to an audience in order to emphasize a point is good, however most likely it is not reality and is more of an exaggerated scheme that sounds too much like a fairy tale. I think teaching or delivering education in this format only does more harm than it does good, because it really blocks out what us viewers may think and perceive what things could happen in the molded shape and form of a black & white discernment idea, which in the long run, will definitely make us close or narrow-minded of things to come in the future.

I think it’s our duty to be as open minded, open eared, open hearted to any ideas possible. Do not simply just jump to conclusions or jump the gun because of what one pastor told you about in his black and white perspective, that is only doing more damage, hurting your capability to register or comprehend any wisdom of God’s, and you will only see things from that one pastor’s perspective instead of thinking of what you think is right or wrong.

However this pastor’s point was clear, yet I advise it could have been taught or introduced better in a more realistic scheme of things. 

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