God designed everyone differently for a reason

God designed people all invidually differently for a greater purpose.
That’s why you have people who think concretely and some people who think abstractly.
These people who think concretely are the thinkers, observers, they keep to themselves, logical. These people are known to be called into becoming an Intercessor.
And there are people who think so abstractly, they don’t care about becoming a doctor or a lawyer or business. They don’t care about image or making a billion dollars or nice luxurious cars or materialistic values. These people are the weirdest people on earth, they are loners, they have little to no friends, they are very talented and profound. These people are called into becoming prophets or prophetic ministry.

And then there are those people who have a huge heart for people, and some people are even a hybrid mix of taking different ingredients of each journey, and some are even fighters having a heart of justice…these people are called to be the forerunner messengers. For they are the soldiers of Christ, training and teaching and rising up generations.

It makes sense why I’ve been having so many conversations with many Christians who judge me for being so different amongst them. But I’m just trying to get them to see that, my characteristic trait is not a disease or lack of insecurity, that my flaw could be their strength, and their flaw could be my strength. That is why we have fellowship and the yoke. We are one big global social network connected, and this is divine because if we understand each other and work together, we will soon realize that we complete each other. If we continue to judge each other for what one trait is more flawed than the other, that is only harmful to our own understanding of corporate relationship.

I think most of the discussions I am having amongst these specific situations are the people who do not yet know that they are intercessors. I know that I am called into being a prophet, or into the prophetic ministry, as it’s becoming clear now. I just want everyone to understand especially you all intercessors, that just because I don’t think like you, that I don’t think concretely, that I am not saying that I am better than you. I am just saying that we’re just different. And I still love you all.

So the reason why you point out the flaws, or judge, or think of it as an insecurity trait or disease is because the enemy has come into your heart to bring that negative notion.

It is not you who I hate, it is the enemy.

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