Ideas must come from Jesus, not of Secular

Perhaps that ex-yogi/ now Christian, was right after-all.

It made a lot of sense now that I think of it.

To do a activity with exercises that was outsourced from the secular commencement. Then that just really means it did not come from Jesus, that It came from the world instead.

A speaker, forget where the video was, but She is a prophetic artist, she was talking about how we as artists try to become inspired and manifest ideas that are inspired from the secular concepts, rather than of Jesus. And how easy it is for us to be influenced from the secular context, because its so wide open. Yet in the long run, we know deep down in our hearts as believers, the references did not come from Jesus. She advised to just get deep into Jesus more and soon, Jesus will unveil the curtains to open our eyes to see that we are able to create ideas that will come from Him. That we do not need to rely on the secular to come up with ideas. For that is a false intent of trying to manifest the spirit.

Secular truth is not real truth. Only through Him, it is.

Cause I came across something earlier, where I wrote my own songs, not originals, but remixed from secular songs, and then changed the lyrics into more Christian contemporary. But a brother/worship leader has told me that does not come from Christ, it is you who is manifesting and channeling it into your own self intentions. You did not pray or meditate upon it or even think about Jesus in the picture, you instead harvested Jesus on what you see from the surface rather than spend time in the engagement and dug deep enough.

That makes a lot of sense now.

And that’s how Misty Edwards came up with the song “My soul longs for you”.

The melody was pitched by the guitarist upon from a prophetic dream, came to him through prophetic worship music, and Misty Edwards flowed through it using the holy spirit as the intercession. Thus came out a successful result of what the song is now.

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