Masturbation is a sin

I disagree. Masturbation is a Sin, because it is a selfish desire that the objective is only for self intent. Even if lust is not in the picture of an adulterated image, the action of you touching or pleasing yourself is a sin in itself because like i said it is self objective of self intent for the flesh.

Yes it does not say the exact word Masturbation is a sin in the bible, BUT you have to read it as a whole, context by context. You cannot simply try to seek the specificity of the verse or word. You have to find the meaning of what it says in the bible, and guess what,
I actually found a verse somewhere in Galatians, that although it may not say the specific word “masturbation” is a sin, it DOES say that that if for a man is to release His excrement for his purpose, then he should not come before the Lord after and go into a week of consecration, bury his excrement and wash himself of his sins and flesh.

I have to find the Galatians verse again. but if you guys want to do your own research, you are gladly to find it.

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