Pretty confused


Too many thoughts bro.

Is it heretic? The bible is authority, yet we have to also not forget the advocacy of the spirit and prayer.
and I know that there are some things the bible doesn’t distinguish, yet would that be heresy if we don’t acknowledge it from the bible but through prayer and the holy spirit?

My journey as of now is really confusing. I am meeting two types of Christians. Charismatic Christians & Charismatic Presbyterians.

This whole Charismatic Presbyterian is a new denomination concept:

I have 2 groups of friends, 1 group is extremely charismatic, and the other group is also charismatic but very Word based too.

And through the meetings and 3 hour phone conferences back and forth, I do not know what to think anymore.

Both paths make sense, yet if I choose one path, it would contradict each other too.

Both are prophets and prophetic ministry.
Both include the constructs of the spirit, prayer, worship, serve, the great commission, word. Yet both groups are also different, one group focuses more on the word, the other focuses more on the spirit.

And both are not institutionalized. Both know exactly that Christianity is not a church, but a relationship.

As of right now, I think I just need to stop paying attention to any of these 2 groups and seek the truth so that I wont be so confused anymore which one is the right one that applies to my life.

And that is only through the engagement relationship with Jesus.

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