the enemy pt II

The enemy is Satan.

I had a conversation with my best friend DL about gay genetics.

If you look at some scientific articles, it does however make sense why being gay is genetic, but that is only through the secular context. Of course it will make sense. DUH!

But if you include the spiritual context into the secular concept, it will not make any sense to the outsider or secular community. That is why you need to have a little bit of both, where Christian Scientists come from.

I took 6 months out of my time to study the gays: reading/ studying many books about gays, articles, resources, references, media, even living with a gay roommate for 1 year.

There’s an article about why gay is genetics, because children so young at the age of 2, become gay. How could you explain that? When the culture of the secular world did not reveal to them yet.

It’s Satan that comes into the mind to trick our hearts to think what is the way.

I mean just look back in the bible stories, many many instances where people have thought of something, and we listened to the lies of satan, and thus harming ourselves in the end.

Cain & Abel.
And even Eve listening to Satan.

We must have forgotten that we as human beings have a body that is a vessel. And as a vessel, we are basically like radio transmitters picking up frequencies. Which is why it is so easy to either pick up the holy spirit & the deception of Satan in the form of dark spirit energy channeling into our sensories.

I mean here’s the thing about the secular society. There are guys who put on a front of a tough guy, because there insecure with themselves, they have been taught falsely that to act feminine is gay for males. Although that’s not it at all, it’s misunderstood.  There is something I found out about innocence.
It is innocence that is praiseworthy in the Christian world. But it is innocence that is adulterated for the world, that is why men and women lust after innocent and pure hearts. No wonder why there are pedophilia or why women and men try to adulterate their own self image into making themselves look like this innocent type but only on sexual intent. And this is the corruption of satan, he’s deceiving our hearts and minds to rape the image of innocence for our own wicked ways.

I have meditated about this reminiscing upon my early childhood days, nostalgic. Recollecting the past that I did play with Barbie dolls too hahaha. But that did not make me gay, I just played with them because I was curious to what girls played with and why they did not play with my ninja turtles or Nintendo video games. This is what it means to have an innocent heart of a child of God. And this is defined as being JOYOUS, which also means gay.
(although in the long run, Barbie dolls and tea time and dollhouses got real boring after a week playing with the neighborhood girls, I just didn’t understand the concept of imagination. So after a week of into that, I went back to my ninja turtles and super soakers and Nintendo games haha)

Not what the new terminology of what gay means now; which is homosexuality.

The true gay meaning means to  be HAPPY.

We must also think that it’s okay to have some feminicity in ourselves as men. For what I have experienced is that women act so masculine when they’re with their girl friends, but when they’re with their boyfriends, they are so girly. The same carry applies to men as well, we act so feminine amongst our man friends, but then when we are with our girl friends, we act masculine.
And true masculinity is not insecure masculinity. Insecure Masculinity is a fake camouflaged disguise to act like a tough guy because we do not want to be seen “weak”.

That’s plain wack!

The reason why we have both feminine and masculine elements is not from science but it’s because its justified by who we are in our souls and spirit. For we complete each other, because we all come from the body of God, and that bond is LOVE.

And when I say that, it’s not sex or an orgy, for to think like that, that is only the adulterated image of what we choose to think tricked by satan.

Love is completing each other.

And now I know why I was chosen as his anointed prince and why God loves me, because I came from His body, Just like how Kim Walker’s testimony talks about how she is a puzzle piece that fits so perfectly inside Him.

Now I get it. He loves me because I am the small finger or hand that completes his body. He not only chose me, he chose everyone and he loves everyone.

Now coming back to why gay is not genetics. It’s not genetics. PERIOD.
Society is so brainwashed by the secular culture that strayed so far apart from God that they’ve forgotten and deceived that being gay is homosexuality. When it’s not, being gay is to be like the children of God. And NO I do not mean the homosexual gay term, I mean the happy gay term.

Don’t ever think the adulterated term. So disgusting and does injustice of morality.


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