i think i wanna start dance ministry

i think i want to start a dance ministry soon.

something along the lines of movement art.
(breakskating, floreio, tricking, contemporary, lyrical, choreo/pop, bboy)

but its so hard to find christian dancers in the area.

i only know One person so far.

like seriously.

the last 7yrs of dancing was fun, but around the 7th yr, i stopped because after self-glorification realizing that it just got boring to do it for yourself. then coming back to God, noticed that everytime i tried to get back in dance only for myself, did not last very long. i’d get into it for a bout a week, and then end up not practicing after that, as if i just got bored of it.

then 8 months later, of not even doing a single dance.
God’s been sending me madd visions and prophetic dreams of me dancing again. I think he’s telling me that i need to return back to the dance. He’s sending me alot of new original moves and idea concepts for my dance style.

and it’s not like i even care about money for dancing anymore or going to competitions or what not. all i care about now is just getting know Jesus. and i think i wanna start a dance ministry with Christ being the center, where the ministry will be more intimate. ive seen so many ministries in the area, that i just do not like their ministries, its not something along the lines that i would want to show to Jesus, you know what im saying? there’s no heart in there, these dance performances ive seen is soo like worldly.

i wanna dance to a song like revelational, like something that enriches the hebraic roots and the nazaristic culture. i wanna create a production performance that shows the true character of jesus spirit through theatre, music, and dance. i want the whole christian world to see what life is like in an aesthetic view through jesus’ eyes. i want to portray that real jerusalem feel in a dance ministry.

that real RAW organic israeli feel of it. you know what im saying?

something intimate like this:

But more along the lines of what it feels like to be real close to what it was like when jesus walked the earth in israel. i want people to see that through a dance performance.

and i know papa God is calling me to travel the world hitch hike across the world with my gifts, as I’ve had several visions and dreams about this. so i think what he’s calling me to do, i think i want to bring with me several dancers, and we just travel around the world in ministry.

but yet again, this is only what i want. i gotta pray more about it, gotta see what He says first.

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