I am a sinner

Yea now it makes sense.

We are sinners.

And Jesus is Lord.

Jesus was born without sin, and he was sinless.

It was Satan that was telling me these weird thoughts that I must be sinless too, since I don’t feel any conviction to sin, or not aware that I was sinning.

But after more meditation upon it.

DUDE. I am a SINNER! For even thinking that. I’m not the lord, I’m just a kid. I’m not perfect. I cant even begin to think that I am sinless either or else that’s even more of a sin to think that you’re also a god too.

Do you know why it made sense to me? Because we as humans think a lot with our intelligence of over-analysis. But I am pretty sure Jesus didn’t do that, He was clear and focused on papa God, rather than thinking so much how we humans do.

Thinking isn’t a sin, but it could be if we’re trying to figure out things.

A Week of meditation upon this really reflected to me that I am a sinner too. I think too much.

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