My own apologetics understanding: Code of Ethics

The world is governed by Code of Ethics.
Laws, Psychology, Beliefs, Traditions, Principals, Virtues, Ethics, Code of Conduct, Honor, Respect, Values, Morals, Standards, Development, Art. These were all created by Philosophy.
Yet philosophy is secular, because it was conspired by Man’s mental meditation.
Code of ethics startpoint had to be from Theology, and this is philosophical branch in the wisdom and ethics of God. That’s why they say God is Good. Not because of indulgency, but He is Good because of ethics. And the ethics are fairness, and justice.

C.S. Lewis – Mere Christianity: Apologetics Book for the Aetheist understanding.
Really emphasizes this point of view.

Where else would ethics come from? If the world was started as the big bang and evolution theory existed, and we evolved from monkeys, then how would the ethics develop, where would it come from?
For how could Man just all of a sudden come up with the knowledge to create ethics, if man evolved from animals. And animals did not know anything about ethics, animals are meant to be governed because they ran on instincts. Rather than to do what is right virtuously being fair and respectful. Animals could not even conceive this notion. Animals only do the justly based of self intent which is animal instincts. THEREFORE EVOLUTION THEORY is NOT PROVEN, it’s called a THEORY for a REASON!

I don’t believe in evolution. I believe in ADAPTATION.
I don’t believe that man evolved from monkeys, because the apologetics of ethics doesn’t sense of it.
Plus it also says it in the bible.
Although I do believe in adaptation! I do believe there are some concealed chromosomes that haven’t existed yet in our DNA, which can develop overtime through generations in the practicality use of learning skill or register comprehension. I mean look at bboying for example. In the 70’s bboying only was groundpower, but look at bboying today in the 2010’s era, the movements are so multi-dimensional interceding dynamic versatility fusion with air and the equation of rhythm. Bboying has not evolved, but adapted into a new artform. The practicioners have now turned their bodies into tools of movement through adaptation in over-practice. Movement adaptation develops even the new kinds of enzymes hidden within our biological bodies, I mean check out optogenetics! That’s living research study proof of what the human body is capable of exposing. We just need to hone our skill in order to achieve that possibility!

For example, even in the prophetic ministry. I did not know I had a gift in prophetic sensing people. Until years of understanding and months of practice. God has gifted everyone with something inside of us all, we just need to find it. and to find it, it is through seeking His will. That’s what relationship is for, its called COOPERATION on RECIPROCATION! A relationship is not a one way deal, God doesn’t do everything for you, Jesus doesn’t do all the talking for you. They send you visions, dreams, wonders, signs. But it is your job to seek Him to find the answers and to figure out what’s going on.

So this is where I’m coming from, my own apologetics to why God exists. God gave us the code of ethics. It wasn’t created by man, it was only analyzed by man. Ethics came from God’s mind. 

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