Pros & Cons: Theology/ Seminary School

Theology is Man’s Analysis approach to the word in the most sciencey way.

-Knowledge of the Elders/ Congregation.
-Interesting Perspective

-Useless information on your own walk for trying to intercede into personal relationship with Jesus
-Distracts you away from personal relationship.
-Navigates you away from relationship and into institutionalism.
-Navigates you away from the foundational faith constructs: prayer, meditation, word, your walk.
-Navigates you away from journeying into your own walk for your own research to yourself, and converts you into following those who tell you things to shape and mold you into their perception, rather than being you to find your own truth what God wants you to be.

I know a few pastors (friends of mine). Who went down this road as well for years being a pastor with M.Div and PhD degrees from seminary school. They have now stepped down from being a pastor and chose to take a different route which is geared more towards their calling. I didnt really understand their choice until a couple months ago after digging deep into what theology and seminary school is really about. I was actually serious about going to bible college/ seminary school. Now realizing that i do not want to become pastor ever! Now i understand after digging deep into my personal relationship with Jesus & studying massively everyday about all kinds of aspects of christianity.

I found out that Seminary School is run by the elders/congregation. It’s an academic system that emphasizes institutionalism. Institutionalism is like a governed pyramid system that tries to change, shape, and mold you into the congregation’s perception of what christianity is. But a congregation governed by institutionalism is a system run by Man’s weight and image.  The relationship of Jesus has transformed into a religion practice.
I know some pastors in the area which are pretty questionable to this faith. Yet I understand how tough it is to be a pastor, and it is because they need to be this role model based on image because institutionalism emphasizes their occupation. If a pastor did not represent what the church wants them to look like, then he’ll get judged or fired. This is one of the reasons why i would never want to become a pastor, because I would hate to be somebody that I’m not. I like being myself. If people dont like it, so be it! I’m a honest person, I would hate lying to myself by trying to act like someone that a church or congregation wants me to be.

This is one the reasons why i dislike church and institutionalism period.
For me, I consider myself an Organic Christian. Where I will write a post about this later.

And this is another reason why i do not want to pursue an M.Div or go to Seminary School. Because being a pastor for institutionalized churches is like being a people pleaser. Trying to gain approval of society, from controlled/manipulated/directed/ordered by the weight of man’s religion.

Anyways here’s what i learned in my walk, and thankful to my mentors (who used to be pastors) today who’ve shown me guidance into the true walk with Jesus.
You dont need to go to seminary school to seek truth in Christianity. You dont need to get a degree to become a pastor. You can still become a great pastor without having a degree, I know several who are great pastors who dont have M.Div’s or seminary degrees.
They’ve even written famous Books today that we are reading now! You dont need “credentials” in order for people to listen to you, you dont need a resume or track record to be a pastor or speaker.
You can do this all on your own, just study the word on your own. You dont need to listen to the elders/congregation, because that will only steer you away from how you want to percieve things and into how they want you to perceive things from their eyes.

“Theology is Man’s Analysis approach to the word in the most sciencey way.”
For Christianity wasnt born to be studied scientifically of the mind. It was born to be journeyed through relationship dynamics of prayer, worship, servitude, word.

Relying too much on theology is called a theologian. We are not called to be that, for we are believers.

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