The way of a true shinobi

Combat: all you need is Boxing, some kicks, and ground maneuver techniques like: systema (Russia) or floreio (brazil), or ninjutsu rolling (japan), or wushu (china).
you don’t really need bjj, capoeira, or wrestling. It helps for offensive combat. But that only is a statement to the public that you want that attention to be a recognized fighter or one who can fight.

Through much studying in bruce lee’s journey of martial arts. there are many styles of fighting. Yet the most practical and effective combat for self defense is boxing. And to emphasize more on advanced technicalities is muay thai & jkd.
stand up combat is the most effective, bc the 98% of the world is designed to confront situations on 2 feet standing up. Ground combat is also effective but only a small percentage chooses this option because they perceive it to cause unpredictability (which is a great advantage to opponent’s in combative situations.) however it is unnecessary if the objective is for self defense intentions.

true self defense is true shinobi approach.
and true shinobi approach acquires humility and meekness.
and true shinobis do not try to seek attention or expose themselves for recognition, they do not try to instigate/provoke or bragging rights. Shinobis choose to blend in with the crowd, but have a gift. And only chooses to use the gift not for self purpose, but for selfless act (only under emergency dire  circumstances).

But a true shinobi are the ones who know how to defend themselves in any given situation without letting the world know what they’re capable of. Keeping their skills a secret and only reserved to themselves in secrecy.

By you letting the world know what your fighting skills are capable of, is only also going to let other surprise attacks come forth at you.

Combat has turned into 2 things: street & sport.
but those 2 things wouldn’t even happen if the main source was instigated/provoked by the self-ego/self-pride.

It’s Best Unsaid. Do things for yourself because you enjoy it. To tell or show people is more of insecure nature to gain approval acceptance of society.


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