What does the gospel mean to me?

It is love. Love is truth. God is love and Jesus Christ emphasizes that. The Holy Spirit is the advocate for our perception to see truth, through visions, change of perception, prayer, word, dreams, prophetic, signs, wonders, miracles, and the supernatural.  Man would not have known the truth, if Jesus didn’t come to earth to reveal the concealed truth. A new discovery that revolutionized Christianity and helped to make sense of things for man’s walk of faith. Before Jesus came into existence, the gospel was governed by laws of laws, it became a religion. But after Messiah came, the laws became of love. As believers it is our mission to emphasize and pursue love. To love others and spread the truth which is love. True love is love of Christ. The idea of love in the secular world is false idea of love fabricated by man or non-believer’s attempt to make sense of things without Christ being the center. For to love without Christ as the center is just spiritual empowerment on self accounts based on the weight of image.

Real Christianity is not church. Real Christianity is as simple as it is: love. The gospel according to Jesus is as simple as it gets: Love. What makes Christianity so unique among the rest of these religions is that it’s not even a religion itself, it is a relationship with Christ and it teaches you to love others who do not love you back.

And that basically sums up the mission for us believers of the great commission appointed by the King.
In order to change the world, we are the soldiers that help to change the perception of man through loving those who do not love us back, but through persistent faith, those non-believers change and soon to become appreciative of the truth: Christ Love.

Repent means to change perception.

Real Christianity does not exist in a church. Real Christianity exists through a believer’s personal relationship with Christ. And that is truth.

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