Chasing after HIS will!

I have to disappear now.

I have to go into Solitary confinement for a while (3 – 4wks)
to really seek truth, chasing after HIS WILL!
Trying to really know and experience HIS TRUE PRESENCE through “Mother Nature, Wilderness, the Great Outdoors”.

To understand what Jesus saw through his eyes, we need to change our perception through a POSITION SHIFT.

So, Im going to be living in the woods for a while, and taking up shelter with the homeless. 
And completely relying on hitch hiking and walking.


Chasing after HIS will!!! into the Raw Organic Element to feel HIS true presence through what is better known as “Mother Nature”. Let us Live our lives into the wild! WILDERNESS LIVING! FREEDOM FIGHTER!

No more Diluted “Gentile” Christianity Lifestyle of living.
No more Mechanical way of life and fabricated products/concepts fashioned by man. 
No more control governed by the image and weight of Man. 
No more Man Manipulation & dictatorship/direction.
No more Congregation.
No more Robots.
No more technology.
No more social media, to the death of facebook, no more text messaging/ phone!!

It is better to LIVE than not to live at all. 

Power & Money is all an ILLUSION!!!!

The Gospel is as SIMPLE as it gets: LOVE

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