“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”-Albert Einstein

its like: trying to find a way out of a room with no door. you keep circling until you find the door. but there IS no door!! so you think of ways to find that door, but in reality there IS NO DOOR!

Albert Einstein was also a believer in God.

This made me think alot about Our lives, esp pertaining to my life.

I’ve been trying to make my life work without God for a long time, having lots of ups and downs.
and always coming to the point of depression because through so much effort and hard work, none of my actions became successful, no happiness was truly recieved.

like now: i just cant imagine a life without God being the center.
It just feels soo empty, alone, and dark.
there’s just nothing to look forward to except living for yourself. but doing that for many years and so long…is just sooo lonely in end.

why would anyone want to feel loneliness?
God wouldnt want that for his children either.

I had to really think about my future for a minute.
Do i live a secular lifestyle in order to make a living for myself? And that would mean i would have to choose a career that is worldly because society is governed by accreditation. Which means I have to study something that gains approval by society’s standards. And going down that route isnt of God. Just a life for you.


Do i choose to live a lifestyle for Him? and that would mean i would have to not go to any accredited school and go to an unaccredited bible school. and in the world’s eyes, that looks like a waste of time and waste of money because there’s no guarantee to 100% accreditation.

SO i fasted, prayed and meditated long and hard about this.

And then the Lord spoke to me. Revealing me my old memories from back then and showing me that HE has always been there for me from the getco! Which made sense now today after seeing the revolutions of how time has prevailed in my own life growing up.

And that’s when I realized. Dude. God is sitting right next to you.
You just are blinded by the what the world tells you to do because “accreditation” is put on a high pedastal because of IMAGE by MAN.
Dude. Money is there. God’s bank is real. We just need to rely on Him, and he will provide. We dont need to try to do everything on our own in order for things to work. He can provide if all you do is just seek Him.

Thats why I decided to not go take the secular route of going to an “accredited” university, and not take a job that encompasses secular logistics, such as the military.
I decided to go to bible college and get a job at ywam or ihop instead.

living a life without 100% God, i cannot imagine that when He is real and He is RIGHT THERE SITTING NEXT TO YOU!
I remember I kept asking myself, How hard would it be to do a job that is not Godly, but at the same time be a ¬†Christian, but the work isnt of God’s will, but of the world’s weight and image.
Then I found out that doing that is almost unhealthy to my walk, and i know by going through it consistently basis will suck your soul dry. We Christians need to be around a Godly environment.
and going down a secular career at the same time being a Christian, is like saying, you’re not even really chasing after His will. You’re just half and half, and kinda trying to make sense of your life through yourself first.

so lets go back to what Albert Einstein said about Insanity.

Living a life without God IS insanity!
Because God is the Door to the room which we call life.
a life without a door is INSANITY. God is that door. so to find that door. YOU SEEK HIM!

FULLY 100% or else you will forever be making CIRCLES all through out your life. TRying to find your purpose in life or calling through you is not the way. It must be from God’s, ask him and he will reveal it to you.

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