The real definition of Judging

This is what I think:

Judging vs Discernment vs Observing vs Analyzing vs “Pointing Out” vs Rebuking vs Prophetic Sensing vs Questioning vs Exhortation vs Judgemental

Judging is when a person makes an assumption of someone or something without going to the source for confirmation and running along with their own assumption based on their perception.

Discernment is cautious judgement on act of love to help steer you into correct way through advise or even by not saying anything at all.

Observing / “Pointing Out”: is taking a clear notice of clarified vision from clear perspective. 

Analyzing: is an over technicalized referenced sourced from observing. 
based on objective from self to make sense of things for self without asking source. yet but not completely in judgement.

Rebukement: an act of discernment without love. 

Prophetic Sensing: Sensing Prophetically based on experience, making educated guesses, self interpretations on observance, and meditation on Holy Spirit. 

Questioning: a slow hesitant approach of observing without any conclusion but on the motives of curiosity to fulfill answers.

Exhortation: Making Judgement call. 

Judgemental: Using Judgement but categorizing with keen sense of analytical skills to make sense of things for one’s logic through a bias/ Black & White perspective. 


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