9 Pet Peeves that annoy me in Institutionalized Church

1. People who pray for you condescendingly.
“Oh I’ll pray for you”. When you never asked for a prayer in the first place from them, but they go ahead and pray for only on means of basing judgement off of a false interpretation of what your true intent is.

2. People who get this whole ethics of judgement vs discernment confused.

3. people who choose to edify you only on means of basing judgement from false interpretations on insufficient facts.

4. Institutionalism

5. People taking business judging ethics and confusing it with everyday life outside of work, especially through ministry.

6. denominations

7. conditional friendships. relationships only established on religious doctrines, beliefs, traditions, and not out of love.

8. arrogant prideful people who are so egocentric to their own understanding without trying to  understand others.

9. false interpretation, especially through online or non verbal context.
over-analyzing a person through non-verbal written communication platform and jumping to conclusions that person is who they are, without asking the source to try to understand their true motives.


overall it is unethics of judging that annoys me.

Unethics happen if man relies on the construct of knowledge, seeking other men as his mediators.

When in fact understanding of true ethics happen when man relies on relationship and Christ is his mediator not man.

because judging happens when man relies on knowledge too much that it becomes an egocentric understanding, which boosts self-pride and lack of open mind. judging is unethical.
it doesnt bring justice for humanity. to be real human ethics must be the triggerpoint. humanity without ethics makes humanity destroyed.

look at uganda, somalia, congo, chechnya, afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, palestine, iran, north korea. all those countries do not have any correct ethics. the community is resourced on false doctrines and beliefs from either a terrorist organization or leader based on man knowledge.

thats why its important to be a child of God.
because it establishes important principals that carry correct ethics for a way of life. Think of it like this, children coming into the world by birth, do not know anything, and only are observers of the world. because their mind and perspective is so fresh, that there is no reason to judge others. all they are is about learning and enjoys learning, because they’re observing.

judging and observing are two different mediums.

but now after they grow up a little, they’re given an option to judge by the permission of parents teaching them to judge. and receiving knowledge of man now growing up in the secular world.

when in fact knowledge is only worldly wisdom. and its useless information, because its only manipulated without substance translated by man. which in a way is heretic.

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