take bboying for example into christianity analogy

the music is the bible.

body is vessel

the translation to how we move is our interpretation from the music. 

the competitions control mentality: these institutionalized mediators from institutionalism trying to edify a bboy’s interpretation of translation.

bboying was never meant to have rules, its a free art. relationship.

thats how bboying died in the 80s, corporations (institutionalism) sanctionizing bboying into factions, rules, guidelines, categories. killing the bboys (believers) and transforming the culture into more of a mainstream for public (worldly knowledge of theology/doctrines).
(^ 16th century, catholicism of state religion)


but bboying is now coming back in new life in the 2010’s era. because this time its governed by real bboys (believers) who know that this art is meant to be an art and not a sport for corporations or competitions. to intercess cultivation of oil (relationship of christianity)

but there are still a vast majority of eboys talking shit and trying to edify other bboys translations into what they think is the right way to bboy.

there is no right way. but there are grounds (word of God/laws/gospel) the foundation (the 4 elements that make the bboy dance: tops, drops, down, freeze).

yet the foundation doesnt contain 100% rules.
(bible doesnt mean it is the word of God, it only contains the word of God.)
therefore, what real foundation is substance. foundation is not moves, its the understanding of music (God.), which in fact is (the intercession to God which defines relationship)

therefore christianity is relationship not institutionalism of doctrines.
just as bboy is not competitions, its your art form. 

contributor to scene, bboy through knowledge or teaching or holding events.
contributor to christianity, books, intercessors, community, spreading the gospel, freedom fighter justice: emphatic ethics on humanity race.



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