reminder to myself: pursue personal goals first:

(July or Aug 2013)
1.) get back in shape: current weight 160lbs, reach to 175lbs.
8pack, ripped, flexible, stronger.
plyos, calisths, proprioception, kinesthesia.
in bboy focus on: sharpening foundations (power, footwork, tops, tricks, freezes, fundamentals).
after fit: pursue ACE personal trainer certification, ACE Group fitness instructor certification.

(Sept 2013)
2.) pursue a job teaching bboy at several dance studios. and launch personal trainer entrepreneur business (wakizashi). make bboy tutorial videos & films. showcase performances. teach locally, choreograph.

2.5.) at the same time, do this on the side: start small business in selling organic herbs online.
(keep in mind, not trying to get big, just small and local only. babysteps)

3.) get more certifications: P90X certification, CrossFit Instructor Certification, MovNat Trainer Certification, NASM Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification, & ACSM Medical Exercise Specialist certification.

3.5.) return to the bboy scene to battle/cypher.

4.) return to school online. BA Christian Studies Regent Univ
hurry up and graduate.

5.) Go to IHOP: FITN Internship, then serve fulltime employment staff at Forerunner Arts Ministry as Bboy Instructor & Personal Trainer.

6.) go serve at YWAM Montana Lakeside.
do YWAM EDTS, YWAM Carpentry Apprenticeship Program, live there forever.

the end.

things to do later:
-publish books, dvd, itunes.


1. bboy instructor
2. personal trainer
3. herbalist entrepreneur
4. Writer


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